Sep 01, 2010

Rush's Bridal
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
After finding some a great dress at their store for a good price I was excited about my soon to be Rush bridal experience. But it all went downhill from there. Buying the dress was a great experience, but everything after that was awful.

After letting them know the Bridesmaids were in different cities (outside of Minneapolis) they recommended getting all of the dresses here at Rush's and then I could give the dresses to them at the engagement party when they are all together. (no need to ship them).

Well, the dresses showed up days after the engagement party so there was no way to hand deliver the dresses before the wedding. Not a big deal, as long as we can still get the dresses to them in time to have alterations done. (tick - tock!)

After the dresses came in I went into the store to ask about the options to get them to my bridesmaids, which most of them are in Canada. Worried about the timing and price I asked if they would ship them for free for not meeting the time line we had hoped up front. They said no. Not even a sorry it didn't all work at the right time, but we can't pay for it. Just a flat out NO.

Ok, well with no other options but to ship them I asked how much? Linda (store manager I guess) said $50. Knowing that items typically cost more then $50 to get across the border I asked several more times the same question - $50? Is that a total price? Nothing else? - Linda said Nope. Flat rate. Wow, that sounded great. I paid the $50 and left the store.

Well, turns out it wasn't $50. It was almost $200. The $50 we paid up front and the $140 my bridesmaid had to pay COD in-order to get the dresses when they were delivered! I was so embarrassed and completely pissed-off.

When I called the store to get a refund on the $140 additional costs to get the dresses to Canada (I figured it was just a huge mistake on their part) they told me they couldn't do anything about the $140 in additional charges. They didn't even apologize for it happened. Linda told me, over the phone, "it's not our fault" "we won't refund the money to you" "you can talk to the owner if you want to"

What kind of customer service is that? Not even an apology? It was so frustrating. Lind just kept talking on the phone, explaining why it wasn't their fault. She wouldn't even listen to my explanation. Who taught her how to work with customers?

Oh and we ordered the Groomsmen ties through Rush's as well and they arrived late.... Big shocker...

Overall it was just an awful experience once the dresses were purchased.

Signed, Not a fan of Rush's Bridal
Services used: Dress & Attire