Aug 02, 2013

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My wedding was done on a very tight budget. We invited approximately 200 people and we kept the budget under $1000 by the grace of God and with the help of some wonderful family members. Our photography was done free by my husband's aunt Patty. Our delicious and beautiful cake was made by my husband's grandmother. Our ceremony was performed by my husband's uncle Kevin. Our food was bought and prepared by my husband's stepmother and her cooking club. The church and gym (where we had our reception) was free of charge as we are member's of the church. We played dinner music through the sound system of the gym for the reception and we used music on CDs for the ceremony. I made all of the flowers, we purchased suits at Target rather than rent tuxes, and we purchased my dress used but in fantastic condition. Our rings are tungsten and cost us less than $50 for the pair. I made the invitations and reply postcards by hand. Finally, my mother and our friends chipped in on a nice hotel room for our wedding night.


Here is a breakdown of what we personally spent. Keep in mind it's been 2 years so I may have forgotten something but I believe I have it all covered.

Wedding Dress: $90

Accessories: $40

Suits: $200

MOH Dress: $0 (Technically $75 but we purchased on Amazon with Swagbucks GCs)

Flowers: $30

Invitations: $30

Postage: $50

Decorations: $100

Rings: $50

Dinnerware: $30

Wedding License: $20

Tips and Gratuities: $100

Miscellaneous: $100

Total: approximately $800