Sep 18, 2010

Victoria Burdick, Rev.
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
After attending years of beautiful weddings with somewhat impersonal ceremonies, my husband and I really wanted to start our wedding day off with a ceremony that was personal, meaningful and genuine. It seemed like a tall order, based on what we had seen in the past. Finding Victoria was a gift. I knew instantly that we found what we were looking for. Victoria was easy to connect with off the bat, because she loves what she does, and she believes in truly celebrating the gift of love. It would be easy to say the words and act the part, but Victoria lives the words she says, which is what makes her ceremonies so genuine. She celebrates the couple. Not only what makes them unique as individuals, but she also incorporates their backgrounds and families, which enables her to deliver a really well rounded picture of the couple she’s about to join in marriage. I can truly say that the ceremony was the best part of a really great day, thanks to Victoria. The first thing we heard from almost every guest was “That was the best ceremony I’ve ever seen.” It was a constant theme of the night. Many guests assumed she was a family member or family friend, since she seemed so connected to us throughout the ceremony. She set the stage for a really meaningful day by creating such a unified feeling between us, our families, and our guests.
Services used: Officiant