Nov 03, 2007

On Bended Knee Films
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Jeremy did a wonderful job. We were so happy with him. The montage, particularly, was fantastic. He somehow managed to pick exactly the portions that we would have wanted to see. It was perfect and very fun to watch. As with any wedding, there were events that I heard about after the fact that I was apprehensive to watch. My memories of our wedding were so wonderful that I was afraid to see something on the video that would ruin that image in my head. My fears were needless because Jeremy was insightful enough to edit out the portions very seamlessly without my specific instructions. Jeremy was one of my favorite wedding vendors. I don't think there would have been any way he could have improved our experience. He was very easy to get a hold of at every stage of the planning, his communication was fantastic and he was punctual. Most importantly he was very easy to work with and he produced a great final product. One major reason Jeremy was so easy to work with is that he has a rare ability, as a wedding vendor, to know the difference between "bridezilla" and a bride who just has some questions and a desire to be organized. I found that many vendors that I met with treated me like I was being a crazy bride whenever I had an opinion on anything. Jeremy was so nice and easy going that many of my wedding guests felt very comfortable with him. Yet even with that great attitude his standards of professionalism were very high. Jeremy over-delivered in every aspect. I cant say enough positives about Jeremy and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.
Services used: Videography