May 20, 2011

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As Curt and I got engaged in May of 2010, we decided to take a road trip out to his home town in Iowa for a weekend! Saw a fellow PW friend post similar pictures...and wanted to share mine! <3

Summer of Our Engagement Road Trip photo 1Summer of Our Engagement Road Trip photo 2Summer of Our Engagement Road Trip photo 3Summer of Our Engagement Road Trip photo 4Summer of Our Engagement Road Trip photo 5Summer of Our Engagement Road Trip photo 6 The picture here is of the church hall after me, the FI and his sisters decorated it for Mom and Dad (in law)'s surprise anniversary party!

Summer of Our Engagement Road Trip photo 7 Mom attempting to hide under my arm as she realizes what's going on while Dad looks on smiling :)

Summer of Our Engagement Road Trip photo 8 The happy family :)Summer of Our Engagement Road Trip photo 9 Love...

Summer of Our Engagement Road Trip photo 10 ...though not always super mature. :) We bought Christian themed silly bands on the way home :) 


<3 A summer to remember.

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wedding planning guide



I'm gonna be forward about this...I'm AWESOME at planning this wedding! :)

Haha...so that's slightly over reaching, but I do have to say, I planned the majority of my wedding in about four weeks. So let's see how it went...


My Dress 

The Wedding photo 1 Of course the first detail I'm dying to tell you about...the dress! Purchased at M'Kaysha's Bridal Lane in Greensburg, PA. My dress is essentially a one of a kind...the original gown is a strapless, slight A line dress with a faux bow on the neckline and beading down the corset of the gown. However I had seen a Sottero and Midgely gown that I was in LOVE with at another retailer, but the service was HORRIBLE and I knew I wanted to find the full experience elsewhere. When I got to M'Kaysha's and found this Impressions dress, I knew I loved it for how similar it was to the dress I'd found before. All I needed to do to make this dress "The One" was add the beaded halter strap that made it both JUST like the first dress and the dress of my dreams.

M'Kaysha's is a WONDERFUL retailer and I would recommend them to anyone!


The Wedding Party

My FI, Curt, and I decided to keep our wedding party small. We have a good number of close enough friends that if we were to pick much of anyone, we'd quickly reach 10-15 people total. After going through a bit of wedding drama myself at a friend's wedding over HER attendants, I was slightly jaded and didn't want to put anyone through the hassle. As a result, my MOH is my younger sister, Regina, who will just be turning 18 at the time of the wedding...and just barely able to be a legal maid of honor! In addition to her, my college roommate and best friend since the 8th grade, Becki, will be my one and only bridesmaid. 

Curt fortunately had two similar friends who would pair up quite well with mine without leaving anyone out. As he's originally from Iowa, he had one friend from home who had been his best friend since they were young, Elias, who Curt will have as his best man. Curt's college friend (and current housemate) Greg will stand as Becki's partner and his groomsman. 

My family has TONS of little ones in the family! The debate over who would be our RB/FG began to make me crazy! Overall, I think I have around 15 to choose from...which brought me to an all or nothing. 

Yes, I would ABSOLUTELY have 15 little ones walking down the aisle together before I picked just one. So given the non traditional atmosphere for the ceremony, I voted for simplicity and decided to go without a RB/FG.

The Wedding photo 2This dress is very similar to my BMs. Not the exact shade of blue (cornflower, instead) and the detailing under the bustline is the same color as the dress, but this is very similar.

The Wedding photo 3This is the lovely MOH in her gown. Also an Impression gown, we added the beaded brooch to give the dress a little something extra.


The Venues

The Wedding photo 4


My family is very traditional Catholic and had made it quite evident in the first several months of planning that if our wedding was not in a Catholic church, they would not be supportive of the wedding. Months passed and people began to come around, and in order to keep some neutrality, we opted for an outdoor ceremony, vs. picking another church altogether. 

We decided to ask the chaplain from the college Curt and I attended to marry us. Curt and I were both really close to him during college and it just felt like the right thing for us.

So we've selected Green Gables Restaurant in Jennerstown, PA. It's very rustic and beautiful and suits both my FI and I's taste wonderfully. We'll be having the ceremony outdoors either on the patio at GGR or out near the lake just behind the building. The reception will take place inside (which you can see set up for a wedding in the photo on the right). We're doing this all on a Friday evening and plan to do a late dinner (starting around 8, with hors d'ouevres being served first)

We really got a bit of a deal here too. Total for the expenses at Green Gables will come to about $6,000. That's all of the rental items for the ceremony, the base cost to have it on location, the reception venue, the food (hors d'ouevres and dinner and cake), all for 120 people. 

The Florist

We selected Curly Willow Florist in Greensburg, PA to put together our floral arrangements. Curly Willow has been a "The Knot" winner (Sorry PW!) for the last two years in a row and I've heard wonderful things about them. A major plus is that Green Gables, since it's located on such flowery fields, will supply flowers for the reception. All we need from Curly Willow is my bouquet (and the BMs)and the corsages. Still...I expect the total here to be about $500, but given the fact that flowers for the reception are given to us, I'll take it :)

The Wedding photo 5 I found this photo here on PW and it's been my inspiration for my bouquet. I want all white roses and lisianthus, with added stock flowers to fill the bouquet. I like the blue and silver added in but not quite as much as you see here.

My Grandma also added a bit to my bouquet. She decided for my "something old" that she took the bottom layer of lace from around her wedding gown and sent it to a seamstress who sewed it onto a piece of satin. She gave it to me to wrap my bouquet with!

The Invite

The Wedding photo 6 Obviously I'm not Addison May...:) This is just the sample one. But the RSVP card says "Forever" down the side the same way the invite says "Together". So simple, I love them!


Our Wedding Favor

The Wedding photo 7This is a mock up of the favor. The left side of the card says our names and the date and "Love...Brewed to Perfection". The right half of the card will have a Nescafe Instant Coffee Single Serving packet attached to it. Just a cute little idea I came up with. Best part is I designed it myself in Paint in about 45 seconds...total cost will be about $60 for 120 guests. Can't beat it!

Our Playlist

This is still WILDLY in progress...which 4 months out, I figure is still ok. 

Curt and I are huge Michael Jackson fans and we love Christian rock music..so I imagine the tone for the evening will reflect that.

Our First Dance- "Clover Leaf Park" by Go Fish

Followed by..."Love Never Fails" by Brandon Heath

Father/Daughter Dance- "The Best Day" by Taylor Swift

Everything else is still in progress!


A really good friend of ours from college works for a local photography studio as a part time photographer. We decided to ask him to do our photos freelance because we know what a gorgeous job he'll do for our wedding, plus we know it'll be a blast.

DJ vs. iPod

I've been running with the DJ vs. iPod debate forEVER. But I think at this point I've opted for a DJ, mostly to make sure things stay on track. I'm pencilled in to be working with DJ Larry Joe. As soon as I get that contract back to him we'll be good to go!


Lots to do! This is so exciting! 

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I have to say this much.

When I first started to plan this wedding...I thought..."This is going to be SIMPLE"

I'm a fairly practical, detail averse person, so how could this possibly go wrong?


A budget minded Mom, an adamantly Catholic family (despite my FI and I's neutrality in terms of picking ONE denomination), six months to plan and only one month of down time between my college graduation and my career start date...(aka, the whole wedding had to be planned in my hometown before I LEAVE said hometown)...I'd found my stress.

Even though my wedding is still 135 days away, I've learned so much in this process that I feel is really important for people to be aware of.

When all else fails...


And yes, the "you" in "YOUR" is plural..The bride and groom, that is.

It's not about whether the color of the bridesmaids dresses are "cornflower" or "marine" or whether you remembered to tell the DJ to absolutely make sure he doesn't play a single bit of Billy Rae Cyrus or whether or not people will like the fact that you matched the design of the cocktail napkins to the one on their favors. It's about the fact that you and your fiance are making a promise to each other to spend the rest of your lives being true to each other and loving each other. 

A book I read said "What if instead of worrying about what my partner does to make ME happy...I worried about how to make my partner happy?" If we all carried our marriages this way, we'd all be happy. Granted I'm slightly paraphrasing and I do not remember the actual title or author...but there's validity in that that we should all keep with us whilst we plan and plot our "big days"...and while we live our the rest of our not-so-big days.

Keep sane, ladies. This wedding thing can teach you a lot. 

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All's well in the world!


My parents, who had previously decided not to pay for our wedding due to the religious differences between my fiance and I (meaning our ceremony wouldn't be in their church) have recently decided they acted rashly and are supporting our wedding financially!


Now to begin planning!! 

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My Fiance I Our Story photo 1

My fiance, Curt, and I met in college in 2007. From the day I met him, I knew I would marry him. (Yes, we're that kind of story). We didn't start dating right away though, but now we've been happily together for about a year and a half and have to admit, we've gotten through a lot. 

We come from different religious backgrounds, but our common faith is very important to us. My family is traditional Catholic and his, Baptist. Needless to say, it's thrown us a few obstacles and we haven't gotten very far with planning the actual wedding ceremony as a result. 

Recently engaged and we're so excited to plan our wedding for next June!