Oct 27, 2012

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My name is Ashley. I work on the Motorgrader Hydraulics team for Caterpillar. I get to help design the hydraulics system for the motorgraders. One aspect of my career that I enjoy is working with large industrial machines. I also enjoy solving problems that occur with the machines. I graduated in 2011 from the University of Minnesota with my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (BSME). I have not decided whether or not I will pursue a Masters degree, but after a few years in the business world I will make that decision. Whatever spare time I have is spent with family and friends, relaxing with my FI, working out, connecting with people on FB, and socializing with my PW ladies.

My fiance's name is Sina. He is a chef at an Italian restaurant. I really enjoy my FI's cooking. His best dishes are lasagna and ribs. My FI really loves that I'm not picky and that I'm willing to try anything he cooks, even if it's experimental. He has an Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts and is working on his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. His dream is to one day have his very own restaurant. I'm looking forward to the day when he accomplishes his dream. I know he will be successful in his endeavors and own an excellent restaurant, because he is such a hard working man with amazing business intellect.

My fiance and I met in September 2004. We were introduced through a mutual friend. This introduction was via the internet because I lived in MN and he lived in IL. In actuality my friend and I were playing a joke on him. I was trying to convince him that I was somebody he knew. The joke lasted all but a few minutes, but in the process he was awestruck by me. He told my friend he really liked me, who relayed the message to me. I was surprised by this comment because guys never seemed interested in me. I gave him my number and soon we were talking everyday. A couple months later I met him for the first time. We had a real chemistry and we were very comfortable around each other. We have spent the majority of our relationship several hours apart. Long distance relationships are tough and lonely, but if you work hard at it the payoff is wonderful! We finally have our own little apartment together in Illinois. I enjoy living with him and spending my spare time with him. On our six year anniversary he proposed to me at our favorite place. I couldn't ask for a more sweet, generous, and positive person to be my future husband.

If you would like to see the rest of my page, please friend me! I would love another PW lady (or gentleman) to talk and share ideas and inpiration with.