Jul 29, 2011

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Here are my DIYs or DIY-purchases!

2011-02-10 hanger from etsy

The DIYs or DIY purchases photo 1


2011-02-15 monograms from etsy

The DIYs or DIY purchases photo 2The DIYs or DIY purchases photo 3The DIYs or DIY purchases photo 4

2011-03-26 Our invitations

The DIYs or DIY purchases photo 5The DIYs or DIY purchases photo 6


2011-04-11 Here is my bridal hoodie :)

The DIYs or DIY purchases photo 7The DIYs or DIY purchases photo 8The DIYs or DIY purchases photo 9The DIYs or DIY purchases photo 10


2011-05-30 Origami cranes

FI had made 100 coloured origami cranes!!! We have to make 10 hangers to decorate the garden for the ceremony.

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Aren´t these GORGEOUS bouquets???

The Bridal Bouquet photo 1The Bridal Bouquet photo 2The Bridal Bouquet photo 3The Bridal Bouquet photo 4

My dear bridesmaid Natalija is going to pay my bouquet. While search online on etsy for bouquet inspiratons I fell over "Real touch bouquets" - AND LOVE THE IDEA TO KEEP MY BOUQUET AFTER THE WEDDING!! These one is from etsy seller "MyFavorsandFlowers".

The Bridal Bouquet photo 5

UPDATE: May 16th 2011 - Today I bought these silk posy from ups for 43 Pound (12”/30cm domed in shape £35 complete with diamantés and ivory satin ribbon handle. I'm very curious about it :))

UPDATE: May 27th 2011

The bouquet arrived today!! I like it but I removed the diamonds!

I will pimp the posy with real white orchids and buy a brooch or something.



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This is the Registry Office (Standesamt Hamburg-Nord) where we get married on Friday 29th 2011. Just our parents, siblings, grandparents and MOH/Best Man will join us. After the ceremony we are going to take a few wedding pictures and than we are having a BBQ all together at my FMOL and FFILs house and garden! :)) I really looking forward to this intimate celebration.

The Registry Office photo 1

So here is our Wedding Licence!! We got them on February 8th 2011.

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The E Ring photo 1The E Ring photo 2The E Ring photo 3

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I found these butterflies on etsy! Aren´t they am-az-ing? We will buy yellow butterflies for our cake!

The Cake photo 1

We are still having a discussion about how to place the cupcakes.

The Cake photo 2

I would like to take a big G as cake topper like this. And of course I neeed a cake server set.

My MIL will make the cake


HERE IS THE CAKE (not like our imagination, but our cake :)

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wedding countdown

I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife.
~Author Unknown