Jul 29, 2011

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I´m searching for my civil wedding dress. I will wear a white short dress with pink shoes.


This is my first dress:

I bought these dress from ebay. I really like it, but it is a bit too dressy because after our wedding on friday we are having a bbq in the garden ... So I´ll send it back.

Second dress:

I decided to take this little dress (also from ebay) as my Civil Wedding Dress. Sorry for the messy dress-pics but as the dress arrived at my work I had to try it on immediately in the ladies room at work :D I have to iron it and buy a petticoat so the dress will look a lil bit more than the pic from ebay!

Third dress:

UPDATE May 1st 2011: Okaaaaaaaay, ok - NOW I´ve got my final wedding dress :)) It is from H&M.



I fell in love with birdcage veils!! These are all pictures from etsy. I will definitely wear my hair straight like the first picture. I LOVE THIS PIC!!

The last picture with the birdcage veil and fascinator are from Joanne - I love the style!


Here is my birdcage veil from etsy seller glamorbydesign. I have to find out how to wear the best!



I bought these fascinator from etsy seller EnchantedlyYours



I want to wear a bolero to my short dress because it is sleeveless. Here is my inspiration:


UPDATE July 8th 2011: I am so happy that I found these similar bolero on ebay!


Here is the whole outfit without my clutch and high heels. Can´t wait to wear this outfit on our big day although it is not 100 % suitable!

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I would love to wear pink high heels, but this wouldn´match to our yellow theme. Now I´m thinking about to buy Christian Louboutin pumps like these ones :))

Silver and gold is a good choise cause my civil wedding dress is white and short.

wedding shoes photo 1wedding shoes photo 2wedding shoes photo 3

Noooow I changed my mind and fell in love with this t-strap shoes. Aren´t they GORGEOUS?? So if anybody have a clue, where I can find a similar one, please pm ;)

I bought these gorgeous dusky pink/lila peeptoe pumps from Goertz (a  big german shoe store company) for € 50. I love them! I think I will wear them together with a white short dress on the civil wedding day!

UPDATE April 15th 2011: Ay, I got my shoes for the BIG DAY: Badgley Mischka Women's Xavier Heel

I really love the Badgley Mischka shoes which I got to know through PW. All of them. But they are a little bit expensive and shipping from the US to Germany is expensive too (including tax).

Then I found a pair on for a really really good price - € 72 including shipping and tax ($ 103). The only problem was to choose the right size because of the exchange. Damn - I had the courage to buy them. And DAMN THEY FIT PERFECT!! :) I am so happy! Finally I got my wedding shoes. Here are some pics (sorry for the filler)!

UPDATE: June 9th 2011

Ok, I bought another pair of wedding shoes for the civil wedding: Badgley Mischka´s Owen!!!

I bought them on and they were sooo cheap!! I can´t believe it!!

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My bridesmaids are still choosing her dresses. I guess they take yellow cocktail dresses. But it is difficult with six different type of girls and styles to choose the one dress. Probably we´ll take two different dresses so it will be a little bit easier.

I like these dresses:

bridesmaids dress photo 1bridesmaids dress photo 2

Here are the first results :) We are searching for another dress... I think they are all looking great!

UPDATE: Today (March 4th 2011) we have chosen the bridesmaids dresses! WOOHOO!


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My MOH had the fabolous idea to bake fortune cookies for wedding favor and  I really love this idea!

Ben and I have been thinking about a long time about the second gift. We´ve decided to take magnets with a picture and the wedding date on it.

Maybe like this :)

UPDATE May 21th 2011

We ordered the magnets from vistaprint. It say "I went to Sarahs & Benjamins wedding on July 30th 2011 and all I got was this lousy magnet"! :)

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FI and I fell in love with pocketfold invitations. I ordered these online from The colour is Pearl Metalic. We will use yellow background cards, grey and white invitations maps and a monogram to shut the invitation.

I will show a picture when I did my first invitation!

invitations photo 1


UPDATE: HERE THEY ARE! Last saturday (March 26th 2011) we sticked them on. I love them!

BUT we are having a big problem: We communicated a wrong date!! We have to print one sheet with the right time (3 pm!!) and paste them over ... ^_^

UPDATE UPDATE: AY, today (April 11th 2011) we got our first RSVPs!!!!!!!!!

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This is my dear friend Johanna. She is my MOH. We met at the kindergarten :)

Here are my two little sisters Jasmin and Laura:


I´m really pleased that Bens sister Franziska is approved to be my bridesmaid!


My favourite cousin Nadine (left) didn´t like the idea to be my bridesmaids but SHE HAS TO!! :) She is afraid to look bad in the trashy dress... As if I would choice trashy dresses!!

And the 7th girl is my friend Natalija. We met at school!

I never thought that I will have 6 bridesmaids - but I got :)



Oh and don´t forget the BOYS :)

Maid of honor and Best man