Jul 29, 2011

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Here is my gorgeous dress which I bought from online shop lightinthebox! She arrived on January 10th 2011 and so I have to wait over six moths to wear it on our wedding!!!

The dress is tailor made and fortunately she fits perfect! The bodice is decorated with beads and the belt is a lovely yellow. It feels like she has 15 tulle layers!!

I thougt about wearing a mairmaid dress but then I found this dress. And because I´m thinking I will not gonna marry again (just this one time) - I bought this one. Now I am a little bit scared about the long long chapel train because we are having a little garden party and not a church wedding.

But I caaaan´t wait to wear the dress on our wedding!!

Can you believe that this huge dress fits into THIS little parcel??? She did :)

UPDATE: 2. Trial!!


I bought these cathedral veil from ebay:

I really love arenyth's veil / flower style and as4968 style :))



Here is my lovely hanger from etsy seller libordke22. I love it!!


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Our wedding colour is yellow. I think yellow is a perfect colour for a summer wedding :) PLEASE let it be a hot summer in Hamburg ...

First we wanted sunflowers and gerberas as our wedding flowers. But now we changed our minds and we fell in love with roses!!! They are more elegant!

I saw this birdcage at a store near my office and fell in love. We will use it as a birdcage cardbox. I have to think about how I will decorate it. Any ideas??

FI has changed the color of the birdcage. Now it is white. I will buy flowers for the top.

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We're getting married in Hamburg on July 29th 2011 and the ceremony is on July 30th 2011. In Germany we have to marry in a civil ceremony first. So we will do a symbolic ceremony with our friends and family one day later.

Here are some pictures of our reception venue. I´m a little bit sad because I think the venue is too small for 90 guests...


I bought 20 candlebags (Luminaria) from ebay.  We want to put a glass with a candle in it and put them left and right down the stairs in the entrance to make sure that the guests will find the way home like the second picture :)



And the white and yellow laterns (from amazon) are for the small garden. They will be hang in the trees.

Even these 100 origami cranes, which FI made all by himself!! They shall hang like the first picture.

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I am engaged since September 16th 2010!!! Ben put the ring on at our first trip together to the Philippines ...

After a few very very exhausting days with my family in Manila we enjoyed a few days on Palawan - we arrived at our private paradise ( One night after dinner he took me to the beach to a wooden hut. We drank an awful cocktail ha ha as he popped a little black box. It was a wonderful ring! He said two short sentences and then he asked me to marry him :)

Later this evening we were singing karaoke. Together! It was his first time. I think he was very confused!

Here is a picture of our "House of Love"!

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Hi PW-Ladies!!

My name is Sarah and I´m living in Hamburg, Germany. Since I fell over the project wedding site - I AM SO ADDICTED to it (even after the wedding)!

Ben and I are getting married on July 29th 2011 (civil wedding) and on July 30th 2011 we will celebrate a ceremony/party with family & friends.

In the real live I´m working at a trust company who take care of the investors.

Here are some pictures of us: