Nov 19, 2011

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My DH, Chris, and I were married on November 19, 2011. It was the most perfect day, and a great start to our life together. I can honestly say, nothing went wrong, and I have never felt so amazing in my life than I did on our wedding day!!

PW has been an amazing resource for me, as well as an INCREDIBLE support system! Planning a wedding takes a lot of hard work, and no one knows that more than these ladies here!! They are an amazing group of brides, and wives, and I am so blessed to have had their help planning my big day! I hope that my bio can be of some inspiration to brides-to-be, as others were for me!

I am still waiting on my pros, but as soon as I have them, I will post them! 

Thanks for stopping by!!

Britney A.

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My mom doesn't like the wrist corrsages, or anything like that, so I made the moms bouquets, that will be carried (as my mom calls it) "Miss America Style"!!!

Mother s Bouquets photo 1

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So my mom and I made them, the GMs and Dads match the mothers bouquets, and BMs bouquets!! and FIs matches my bouquet!!!



Bouts photo 1

the GMs, ushers, and Dads...

Bouts photo 2

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I put this off as a last project. You know, one of those projects you put at the bottom of the list, becuase no one will notice if its not there...well I had enough time the last few nights, my wedding brain won't shut up, rather than lying in bed, I decided to be productive..and here is the end result!!!

Mr Mrs Chair Signs photo 1Mr Mrs Chair Signs photo 2

The glue is a litte wet in these pics, but now all i need to so is take an exacto knife, and cut the slits for the ribbon to go through! :)

this was so easy, and since we have a TON of left over paper from out STDs, and was free!!

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I knew I wanted bling, and some black, and when I found this bouquet I knew I could make something similar..

Bridal Bouquet photo 1


and here is what my mother and I came up with...

Bridal Bouquet photo 2 Bridal Bouquet photo 3

Bridal Bouquet photo 4 Bridal Bouquet photo 5

my bouquet charm/something blue

Bridal Bouquet photo 6

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I met my photogs out at a family friend's house here in town!! and I am SOO glad they let us use their house, because it is GORGEOUS!!! Stone waterfalls, zebra rugs, lush furniture, a field, and a giant pond!! just ahh love it!!

my mom, aunt and cousin, did my hair, and I did my make up! I think we are ready for wedding day!! :)

here is my Bridal portrait teaser!!!

Bridal Portraits photo 1

Bridal Portraits photo 2

Bridal Portraits photo 3