Jun 25, 2011

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One of my very best friends and her brother - both of whom grew up with a florist dad - put together these phenomenal bouquets for the wedding party, and a smaller one each for my mom and mother-in-law :)  

My Bridal Bouquet               Recap The Bouquets photo 1 Recap The Bouquets photo 2             Recap The Bouquets photo 3Recap The Bouquets photo 4Recap The Bouquets photo 5

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And wow did it come up quickly!  So I'm down to the wire, up to my neck in DIY projects, and I feel like I'm just now starting to get into the fun of ProjectWedding (when the last thing I really need to do is sit around online...oops!).  So I'm going to try to start working on my bio as a means of taking a break from the actual madness of getting things done.  A little slow on the uptake here with how to add pictures (they all come out upside down..) and how to appropriately link and source things I find elsewhere, so anyone who wants to tutor me let me know - I promise I have lots of fun things to share!!

Where are my fellow June brides?!

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Fun Facts:

- 27 (eek!) year old special educator/behavior analyst from Boston-ish, MA.  

- Moving further down the South Shore in less than a month :)

- Engaged to a fabulously hysterical and surprisingly not-nerdy mutual fund accountant

- "Mom" to a handsome, furry Pomeranian baby - who's way more smart and badass than prissy and yippy

Wedding Planning Update:

Taking my time with this whole wedding planning process.  We've been engaged for 8 months - together for almost 9 years - and we haven't even picked a date (or state) for our funky, personalized, back-yard feel wedding.  But that's alright, he's not going anywhere - and since everyone says that being engaged was one of the most fun and exciting part of their lives, why rush?

We're narrowing down what we want - and hiring a fun wedding planner - so we're hoping to make some moves soon :)

Until then, I'm collecting ideas, and swooning over some of the fabulous weddings out there.  Check out more on our wedding planning (eventually) blog @ http://charmedlifemisss.blogspot.com/