Jul 17, 2010

Jen Bosma Photography
( 1.8 / 5.0 )
San Diego, CA
Although I liked my wedding pictures, some important shots were missed, such as a picture of the rings, there is only one kissing picture at the ceremony, and there are no pictures of our families together... However, still being positive, I asked/emailed JBosma to edit about 5 pictures I liked to remove the people walking by in the backgrounds, the campers and trucks in the background, etc... To my disappointment JBosma could not correct the photos and basically blamed me for choosing a spot with people, campers, and trucks around and further told me to seek the help of an outside photographer to fix the photos and make my wedding album... If you are looking to have your wedding photos edited and re-touched at all, look elsewhere!

Here is Jen's response to me regaurding my request to edit pictures:

Hi Lisa,

I first off want to start by saying Chris has been a valued member of my team for the past 4 years and his photography skills and post production skills are to the highest standard that I expect of all my photographers. I would also like to let you know that we give a very adequate representation of our work in the albums we show you at your initial meetings and in none of those photos do we ever "airbrush" any photos, such as the example you have sent me. I also would like to inform you that you all choose your photo location and we can not help that there are people or cars or buses in any of those photos, that is just a part of the wedding day, and the venues you choose. When I received this email I was actually quite shocked as not only have you written Chris numerous thank you emails, but you have even gone as far as to post a great review on yelp. So I am a bit curious as to if you were not happy with your product why you would not have spoken to me earlier and why you would have expressed otherwise in your reviews. I spoke to Chris and he told me he had done this work for you at no additional charge out of his own kindness, and in all honesty had he told me he was doing this for you I would have told him to make sure he was charging you for the time he put in.

So while I do take your comments into consideration, I also know that the images we supplied to you were to the highest quality as well as true to the style of photography that you hired us for. I would recommend that you continue to use the outside photographer to retouch the images you like, as well as look into having them put together you albums. I have spoken to Chris and we have both agreed that it would be best for you to do any other work with the photos outside of his company or mine.
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