Jan 01, 2011

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Here is FI and I after we got our marriage certificate!

Marriage Certificate photo 1

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So Kris and I are Fur-Parents to two adorable, pain in the butt kitties! Their names are Oliver (10-9-09) and Sully (6-24-10). Oliver is orange and Sully is white with grey and black markings. Oliver is a great big brother! He is always cleaning and taking care of Sully. He even lets Sully nurse on him, even though there is no milk! Sully is a handful, always getting into the fridge. He thinks any food is his so he always tries to steal food from our plates or the table... They are great babies and made a perfect addition to our family.

Fur Babies photo 1Fur Babies photo 2

Fur Babies photo 3Fur Babies photo 4

Fur Babies photo 5Fur Babies photo 6

Fur Babies photo 7Fur Babies photo 8

And I wonder why Sully thinks all food is his food.....

Fur Babies photo 9







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FI and I have been together for a little over a year and he finally proposed on Friday night. We have lived together for a year and about seven months ago we moved to a different state. The day before we moved (my last day of work) he told me that he had bought me an engagement ring. I was so excited! Three months later we had the ring with us, at our new place, but I wanted a real proposal....

Friday night we watched the Boat Parade of Lights with friends and family. After the parade we went to dinner at a restaurant that overlooked the lake. We had an amazing dinner and during dessert he popped the question. It was perfect! Well worth the wait!

So I can official start the planning and I can't wait!!

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Here is just a little bit about me... My boyfriend, yes still boyfriend, moved to AZ to be closer to my mom and step-dad. We absolutely LOVE it here! The weather is great, the people are friendly, and it is nice to have that small-town-feel while still living in a rather well known place. I do have a ring, but I don't get to wear it yet.... I was having a bad last day at work and my BF picked me up. I was crying so he figured the best way to stop the crying was to tell me about the ring. Since he hadn't picked it up yet, I knew it would be a while before he actually popped the question. We finally have the ring, but I want him to make a good proposal since I have known about the ring for sooooo long! So here I am, still waiting.... lol