Jul 09, 2011

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I'm sure this is nothing new to most, but some of us have not yet been introduced! To start, we live in Manteca together with Brian's son Aaron whom is 7, and our 2 dogs, Gerri & Stella! Brian works in Livermore at the Lawrence Livermore Lab as a security guard where he has been for the past 10 years or so.  Misty is currently employed at Escalon Community Ambulance as an EMT-basic and is going to school in Stockton and is finishing her nursing prerequisites. Together we enjoy traveling, wether it be to Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, watching super-cross, snowboarding, the lake, spending time with family and friends, wherever we can to enjoy our time together!

How we met...

We first laid eyes on each other one night when Misty was working at the Pub and Brian stopped in for a drink, we didn't actually talk until a few months down the road when Misty was with a few friends in downtown Modesto for Holly's birthday, and Brian came up to her, and said, "Hey, don't you work at the Pub?" the rest is history!

Our Engagement...

I guess it started in March 2010 when we officially picked out a ring! The sales person told us the ring would be ready in May, little did I know, Brian had spoken to him already and told him he needed it by my birthday, April 11th.  So from March to April 10th, Brian frantically began planning a surprise birthday/engagement party for me! He enlisted the help of a dear friend, Ashley to get some food and decorations, and snuck into my phone to get the numbers of my closest friends and family to let them all in on the plan! So the big day was finally here, well it was April 10th (a saturday), my dad had come to visit and go to lunch, and normally he only stays for that then leaves, but that day he was staying longer than usual and said he was going to dinner with my brother, but left without saying good-bye (also very strange). So Brian and I left for dinner.  After dinner he said he didn't have any plans for us so I said I would like to go to the mall.  As we get into the mall parking lot, Brian gets a phone call and says "we have to go, Aaron fell off his bike and hurt his head."  As we're driving home, he is in the slow lane (very unlike him especially in these circumstances) so I asked him if he was okay and wanted me to drive, trying to calm him and assure him that Aaron would be okay. He wouldn't let me drive and said he was fine.  We pull up to the house and he asked me to go inside and get Aaron's insurance card, so I ran in and much to my surprise, there was a room full of people! I was very surprised! So thinking it was just a birthday party, I walked around and thanked everyone for coming, but then Brian pulled me to the front of the room and wanted to say something, right then I knew the question was coming (but I was still thinking that the ring wasn't ready yet so I could be wrong). Brian nervously thanked everyone for coming to celebrate my birthday and that there is another reason why he invited everyone, he then got down on one knee, started talking about how special I am and how happy I make him, and reached into his pocket and asked me to marry him!