Jul 15, 2011

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All of the dresses will be ivory with coral where the black is in the pics, each girl can pick her style...My sis, the MOH will wear the all coral dress!

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 3 Bridesmaid Dresses photo 5Bridesmaid Dresses photo 7 

      <------This is my mini me's (Junior Bridesmaid) dress...she picked it out for herself!

This is the look!


Lastly, my Bonus Baby (daughter, I hate the words step daughter) will be this.

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Monograms photo 1To be used on aisle runner

Monograms photo 2Cake topper and favor tags

Monograms photo 3Save the Dates

Monograms photo 4And...I don't know yet...but somewhere ;)

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My Save The Dates are handstamped and heat embossed to match my invitations. I chose to do a slideshow with music with the final slide requesting for people to save the date.  I love them! Thus far I have gotten just the reaction I was looking for, tears of joy! It's a great feeling to know that your family and friends are supporting you and are looking forward to this marriage!

DIY Stationary photo 1

You can check out my STD by following the link below:

My ring pillow:

My centerpieces...likely to change a bit


Still working on it! Now with tulle!


Aisle Runner

DIY To Do List:

Cardbox (I'm no longer using a cardbox, I have embraced a Fab BirdCage)

Aisle Runner



Dancing Shoe Basket


Table Names

Candy Buffet Signage

Wedding Tanks




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I'm so excited to become Mrs. Steve Gatewood Jr....

planning a wedding

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Finally! After seeing all of our friends become engaged and marry, he proposed.

On the day of my graduation, after receiving my M.Ed, we hosted a picnic at our new home.  The picnic was to celebrate our new home, him becoming a Chicago Firefighter, and of course my graduation.  Well, clearly he had more in store. 

Fast forwarding through the chaos of getting all the things in order after graduation.  He grabbed the mic and congratulated me on my success, commended me for being the first in his family and mines to have not only one but two degrees and asked me to come and give a speech. Well, me being me I just said I had nothing to say and thank you for coming.  He says, well I will come to you!

As he wallked over to me,the soundtrack was laid and playing, which I was paying no attention to at all! He begins by saying how we met, and how he chased me for a couple of months before I actually gave my number, and he gets down on one knee and asks me to become Mrs. Gatewood! What! I was speechless and in tears! I love me some Steve, of course I said YES!

I m Getting Married photo 1I m Getting Married photo 2I m Getting Married photo 3