Aug 21, 2010

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
After I accidently stumbled upon Apertura’s work 6 years ago, I have been a cyber stalker and a loyal follower of Erwin/Ray’s work. I’ve also looked at many other wedding photographers’ work (no less than 70 photographers) for the past 6 years, but I can honestly say that no other photographer’s work touches my heart as Erwin/Ray’s photos do. I believe each wedding is unique in itself, and the photos should capture each wedding’s own story. Therefore when I got engaged, I have no doubt in my mind who I want as my photographer to capture my special day. Since I couldn’t afford both Erwin and Ray (even though I really would like to); after some careful considerations we decided to go with Erwin.

I was super nervous when I met Erwin for our first consultation (after all, I have been “stalking” him for the past 6 years, who wouldn’t be nervous..). But Erwin was so easy to talk to, super nice, and it really truly felt like talking to a friend. He really puts me at ease and he was so patient to listen to the story of how my husband and I met (I couldn’t shut up..). He was also very professional, answering all my questions and concerns, and always replied to E-mails and calls in a timely manner.

A co-worker of mine came and asked me for Erwin’s information and website after my wedding. I asked my co-worker how come he was so sure the pictures would come out great, even before seeing the photos. My co-worker said he had been to so many weddings, but he had never seen anyone worked the way Erwin and his team did. He could tell from the way Erwin took the shots and prepared for the lighting, that Erwin was not just a wedding photographer but also an artist, and he could tell the photos would come out great.

And they were! When my husband and I got the photos, we couldn’t help but having big smiles on our faces. Erwin truly captured the raw emotions of our special day. Each photo tells its own story, and each photo is an art work by itself. It is timeless. He captured so many moments that lasted no more than a second. Also, my husband does not like to smile if there is a camera on him; however, Erwin was able to capture some of his best smiles, along with many other details.

In short, you can’t go wrong with Erwin. He is worth every penny. And if the wedding photos are your top priority, then you definitely want to have Erwin and his team on your wedding day.
Services used: Photography