Sep 27, 2008

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My Ring photo 1

It is supposedto be a engagement ring and bridal band/wrap, but FI did not want to separate the two.  So, I am going to get an enhancer to be the wedding band. 


We had received a jewelry catalog from a local jeweler and were casually looking it when we started talking about the type of ring I would like.  I have always had a fondness for the marquis cut.  So, FI asked me to pick out which one I liked.  I did, but didn't tell him. I asked him which one he would pick out and he picked the exact ring that I had picked out!  I was able to put it on my finger a couple of months later~when he asked of course!

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Our cake is going to be 3 layers with the bottom being a square and the top two round.  Yellow cake with butter cream icing and Raspberry filling in the bottom and top layers. The middle layer will be case there some who don't care for filling. 

This is our cake inspiration....

Something sweet photo 1

We are going to use faux leaves and ceramic pumpkins for the decor.

Our Cake topper.

The Front

Something sweet photo 2

The back

Something sweet photo 3

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Theme: Fall In Love

Date: September 27, 2008

Colors: Apple Red and Burnt Orange

Decor: Pumpkins and Fall Leaves


Sorry if I have used any of your pictures. I have gone crazy with just gathering pictures and didn't get the source information as I did so. If I have used one please accept my apologies and let me know I will gladly give you credit!