Oct 15, 2011

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Our Reception photo 1

Our Reception photo 2


Our Reception photo 3         Our Reception photo 4        Our Reception photo 5


    Our Reception photo 6Our Reception photo 7Our Reception photo 8

Our Reception photo 9                                  Our Reception photo 10


Our Reception photo 11         Our Reception photo 12

Our Reception photo 13

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Mr Mrs Padgett photo 1

Mr Mrs Padgett photo 2

Mr Mrs Padgett photo 3Mr Mrs Padgett photo 4

Mr Mrs Padgett photo 5

Mr Mrs Padgett photo 6         Mr Mrs Padgett photo 7


Mr Mrs Padgett photo 8

Mr Mrs Padgett photo 9


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In The Beginning


PROS vs Joes photo 1PROS vs Joes photo 2



PROS vs Joes photo 3PROS vs Joes photo 4

PROS vs Joes photo 5

PROS vs Joes photo 6PROS vs Joes photo 7

PROS vs Joes photo 8PROS vs Joes photo 9

                                 PROS vs Joes photo 10PROS vs Joes photo 11

PROS vs Joes photo 12

PROS vs Joes photo 13


PROS vs Joes photo 14

                              PROS vs Joes photo 15





The Ceremony


PROS vs Joes photo 16PROS vs Joes photo 17

PROS vs Joes photo 18


PROS vs Joes photo 19PROS vs Joes photo 20

PROS vs Joes photo 21


PROS vs Joes photo 22PROS vs Joes photo 23


Here Comes the Bride!!

PROS vs Joes photo 24

PROS vs Joes photo 25PROS vs Joes photo 26PROS vs Joes photo 27


PROS vs Joes photo 28

The Vows

[we recited out own]

PROS vs Joes photo 29

PROS vs Joes photo 30                              PROS vs Joes photo 31


PROS vs Joes photo 32PROS vs Joes photo 33

PROS vs Joes photo 34


PROS vs Joes photo 35

PROS vs Joes photo 36

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These pics were taken from my iPad and from other guest that were in attendance!!

Non Pro Pics photo 1 Non Pro Pics photo 2

                     Me and my Father                                   Announced as Mr. & Mrs. Padgett


Non Pro Pics photo 3            Non Pro Pics photo 4

Our Wedding Cake and his Groom cake [68' Chvey Camaro]                  Our First Dance as Mr. & Mrs.


Non Pro Pics photo 5    Non Pro Pics photo 6

                       Cutting the cakes!                                                          The Mr. &. Mrs.

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My DIY projects photo 1

My veil

after the ceremony and pre reception pics i will remove the cage and have the flowers as a headpeice


My DIY projects photo 2         My DIY projects photo 3

the pomanders for my flower girls


My DIY projects photo 4

my "I DO" letters for my cake table

i just painted them and painted the things on them with a stencil





My DIY projects photo 5

my card box...still debating on it tho!



My DIY projects photo 6

My Mr. & Mrs. chair signs still under construction tho LOL!!





So i saw some cute Bridal hangers on ----> Etsy <---- and felt i could do my own, and decided to give it a try!!!


SOoooooooO what do you think???

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wedding countdown




Hello PW!! My name is Chayla [Shayla with a "C"] and my DH is De, and we will be married on 10.15.2011! We have been dating for 7 years, and are getting married a year to the day we were engaged!! We have a 3 year old daughter, De-Niya...who is just the absolute cutest thing you ever did see! We met during the summer of '04 at a community rec center in our hometown, we didnt hit it off right away but aster a few pokes and jabs under his tough layers i got thru the security of his heart and we are!!!

a little about us:


I am a 24 yr old mommy to a beautiful 3yr old daughter named De-Niya who is full of hopes and ambitions...that girl is gonna make us all $RICH$ one day LOL!! I am a Florida Tech Graphics Design graduate/artist, i do freelance graphic design as of now from home! I am very family orientated and i love my family with all my heart!

De-Terion aka De!

I am a 32 yr old Vice President of Starr Volusia Inc. [my trucking company i have in New Jersey] i am a dad to 3 beautiful girls; De-Terionna 8, Da-MyJah 6, & De-Niya 3!! When im not away from my family i like to play vieo games, drive my 68' Chevy Camaro, and hang with my girls!! [what man doesnt] :)


Every Kiss begins with "Kay"....

Ring: Kay Jewlers


Well from the beginning it was never a proposal, we had t decided that it was time to tie the knot and we began to plan a wedding for Oct. of 2011....Well the evening of December 8th i was in for the surprise of my life...De-De was out of town that week on a business trip and wasn't scheduled to come home until that Thursday [Dec. 9th]...I had came home from work to see that all the lights in my house were on and i saw shadows moving, i INSTANTLY got a little nervous, so i opened the door and to my surprise our daughter De-Niya was standing there, i walk up the stairs to find De-De unpacking his luggage!! So with no questions asked i began to wash dishes to start dinner... I hear this song being played [John Legend-Ordinary People] and De-De comes in the kitchen where i am and just stands there, so as usual i paid him NO ATTENTION LOL! Well after standing there for a few minutes i saw him get on his knees, still not thinking i just thought he was looking for something! After a while i was saying to myself "What the hell is he doing" I looked at him and i just froze... as i saw him on one knee with a box and tears rolling....He laughed a little and said, "so... will you marry me?" My reaction? all i could scream was "Shut up....Nooooo De-De...Shut up!" A lot of crying began and somewhere in between me telling him to shut up and blinking I said "YES!" LOL...The proposal was simple and perfect and i wouldn't change it for the world!!





All engagement pics were taken by Pete Wilson:




Our Colors:

colors from


Our Inspiration Board

Inspiration board from PW


So ever since i was a child i said "I would NEVER get married BUT... if i did, i would get married on the beach"

Photo from:

Well when you are small and you dream BIG!! Dreams come TRUE!!!!

We will be getting married on the Beach in Ponce Inlet, Florida [daytona beach]

This is what our ceremony set up will look like, except we wont use chaivari chairs on the beach...we will use white resin chairs!!!!



                                      My Dress [i have it]                                    Groom's tux [white shirt/vest/tie]

                        Dress: Sottero and Midgley-Farrah                      Tux: Grey Calvin Klein two button tuxedo


So we are having a large wedding...but it didnt always start out that way LOL!! Thanks to my wonderful FI i have 8 bridesmaids along with my 3 maid of honors 2 Jr. bridesmaids and 4 flower girls!! Yea...i big happy family, but trust me, i have seem MORE!! i attended a wedding with 17 bridesmaids LOL!

Bridesmaids Dress                              Maid of Honor Dress

                                 Davids Bridal style #: 84091                                F14212





-Tux: Grey Calvin Klein two button tuxedo

All the men from the best man to the ring bearer will have on this tux!

The vest will be plum and the tie will be canary yellow!!


                                       My Main Centerpieces                           Eat the CAKE Annamae

                          Centerpiece: Fiora Tabletop Designs               Cake: Michael Anthony Cakes


The table setting inspiration....silver chiavari chairs, silver charger plates, and canary yellow napkins instead!!!










Come back after the 15th of October...I will post Pros and Non-Pros of our BIG DAY!!