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  • My name is Stephanie.  I was born in Detroit, MI. 
  • I love weddings and can’t wait for my own.  My dream job would be to actually be a wedding planner!
  • Right now, I am playing the role of stay-at-home mom.  After the summer, I am hoping to go to school for Esthetics.  I’m so excited!
  • I was married once before and have a daughter from that marriage.  He treated me like I was nothing and I am so happy to say I have found an amazing man that treats me like I’m everything.
  • I am such a girlie girl.  Pink is my favorite color and if it has sparkle or glitter, I could get easily distracted!
  • I am a pretty shy person until I get to know you.  If I feel comfortable around you, then I can be my goofy, fun-loving self.  After that, you may not get me to shut up!
  • I do have a sister, but my bff Dina is my Maid of Honor.  And still, my mom is my absolute best friend!  My mom is the best person I know.  She would do anything for her kids.   I could not ask for a better mother.
  • I am an extremely patient person.
  • I have done all the painting and decorating in our home.
  • I am a bargain shopper.  I love finding good deals and saving money if I can.
  • I love the 80s!
  • I love candy!  Anything from chocolate to taffy, sweet to sour, I love it!
  • I don’t like nuts in my cookies, brownies, or sweets.  And I don’t think you should put bacon on a chicken sandwich, either.
  • I want to visit Paris, France one day.
  • I love summer and everything that goes along with it (except mosquitos).  I love the beach, the water, the bbq’s.  Summer is awesome!
  • I love going out to eat, but I love cooking for my man and making him happy.
  • I am a pretty picky eater, but have started to try new things.  Love crab and lobster!  Not a fan of sushi :-(
  • I love tattoos.  I have two tattoos and my nose pierced.  I want to get another tattoo and some spiffy ear piercings after the wedding.
  • I'm a huge Twilight fan and I'm not afraid to admit it.
  • I was the one who “found” Jim.  And I was the one to say ”I love you” first.
  • My fiancé’s name is James (Jim), and was born at the same hospital 3 years and 3 days before me.  Jim treats me like a queen.  He will do anything for me.
  • His favorite color is green.
  • He can be so goofy, but only around me and my daughter.  Around everyone else, he is very quiet and reserved.  I guess I’m the more outgoing of the two of us.
  • He has one older brother, who is adopted.
  • He has been a designer for the past 14 years.  He designs store fixtures and displays.
  • He likes to work out, so opposite of me.
  • He tried to teach himself to play the guitar.  I have never heard him play once.
  • He doesn’t like tattoos, but has one
    small one he got in college.  It is the
    sexiest ankle ever!  I am still trying to
    get him to get another one.
  • He isn’t the most patient person when
    it comes to home improvements (or video games). 
    It’s a good thing he has me to calm him down and help.
  • He lets me choose the songs on the
    radio in the car.
  • He loves Reese’s Peanut Butter
    Cups!  I got him the one pounder for
    Christmas and he would’ve eaten it all in one sitting if I didn’t tell him that
    it was gross!
  • Eats just about anything!  He will eat gross stuff just to bug me (I’m
    so picky).
  • Loves sports, but gives up on his team if they are down by one or two points... which I think is hilarious!
  • Does the most hilarious accents and impressions ever.
  • He can be the biggest bullshitter.  If I ask him how something came about, he tells me some lame story.  He makes me laugh all the time!
  • Jim is the best man I have ever met.  He truly is amazing.  I can’t wait to spend forever with him.
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My MOH and bridesmaids planned the best bridal shower for me!  It was pink and girly... I couldn't have asked for anything better!

My Bridal Shower photo 1

Me & my handsome groom

My Bridal Shower photo 2

Pretty pink flowers and my gorgeous cake with sugar flowers (they looked so real!).  I have never eaten a more delicious cake!  It was perfect!

My Bridal Shower photo 3My Bridal Shower photo 4

Me & my beautiful mom.  She's the best mom ever!

My Bridal Shower photo 5

Mom, me, & my sister

My Bridal Shower photo 6

Me & my baby.  I <3 him!

My Bridal Shower photo 7

Me & my beautiful girls.  From left to right (top row)- Sue (my sister), me, Alexis (my niece & god-daughter) (bottom row) Dina (my BFF & MOH), Ariana (my daughter), & Rose (my favorite aunt).

My Bridal Shower photo 8

It's all about the shoes!  I recieved so many compliments on them!

My Bridal Shower photo 9

 And the cutest cookie ever was part of the favor bags.

My Bridal Shower photo 10


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My shoes from David's Bridal in Wisteria.  I wanted to find something in a light purple, preferably with a little sparkle, but had no such luck.  This was the 4th pair of shoes I ordered!  I just could not find the perfect shoe... they were either too high, too low, too light, too whatever!  I call my struggle The Shoe Saga!  LOL.  I may add a little bling on the bow, I haven't quite decided.  These are perfect.  I should've ordered them when I saw them in the beginning of my search.

Bridal Attire photo 1

With a little bit of bling...

My earrings, also from David's Bridal.  Love them!  I wanted a chandelier earring with bling that would not be hidden in my hair (my hair will be down on my wedding day).  And my bracelet (sorry for the bad pic) from Sear's of all places!  My mom found it and I loved it because it has the purple stones in it.

Bridal Attire photo 2Bridal Attire photo 3

My garter... the 1st pic is what I ordered online.  It looked simple with a little bit of bling.  But, when I recieved it, the so-called-bling was yellowed.  I removed it and added my own bling and now it's perfect (see 2nd pic)!  Sorry the pictures aren't the best... I really need to upgrade my camera.

Mine and my daughters flip flops for the reception:

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  • Buy Jim’s wedding band
  • Find and buy purple wedding shoes!!
  • Purchase undergarments
  • Find and purchase Ariana’s silver shoes!
  • Make sure Sue gets hers and Alexis’ dresses!!!- by Feb. 19
  • Make sure GM order their tuxes!
  • Buy wedding jewelry
  • Find brooch for bouquet
  • Find and buy headpiece
  • Buy garter
  • Revise cake with baker
  • Order Cake Stand
  • Order cake topper
  • Order Guest “Book” puzzle
  • Sand ceremony gray sand and 2 small vases
  • Book Hair Stylist
  • Order Invitations
  • Help mom find the perfect MOB dress!!
  • Make Card Box
  • Make favors
  • Purchase gifts for attendants
  • Plan the rehearsal dinner
  • Mail invitations
  • Bridal Shower- April 21
  • First dress fitting- April 23
  • Decide menu
  • Get marriage license- between May 2- 10
  • Finalize guest list
  • Write wedding vows
  • Meet with florist one last time.
  • Meet with photographer
  • Confirm the reception music details with the DJ
  • Schedule final dress fitting
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Call any guests who have not replied
  • Finalize reception details
  • Confirm the final numbers with the caterer
  • Deliver marriage license to the officiant
  • Pick ceremony music
  • Rehearsal
  • Get nails done


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Ceremony Venue:  White House Wedding Chapel

Reception Venue:  Lakeland Banquet & Event Centre

Photographer:  Elite Entertainment (Rick)

DJ & Photobooth:  Elite Entertainment (Rob)

Gown:  Un Amour Bridal (by Mori Lee)

Tuxedoes:  Men’s Warehouse (by Vera Wang)

Baker:  Sweet Dreams

Florist:  Viviano Florist (Marena)

Jeweler:  Kay Jewelers