Aug 05, 2011

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JAMAICA....babay!!! FI and I are staying at the Secrets resort of St. James in Montego Bay. We're are super super SUPER excited and thankful we get to stay here for a full week of sunny pleasure. :


        A little Piece of Paradise photo 1             A little Piece of Paradise photo 2

                                  A little Piece of Paradise photo 3

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Some info is hidden unless you're my friend due to not wanting FI to see just in case :)

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After being engaged for a year and a half, I feel like we've been able to plan at a snail's pace, but I'm realizing I'm starting to get behind in planning so I really have to get going with alot of things. I've decided to start writing out my checklist of the to dos that I can think of for the rest of January through February...

determine 100% who is in the bridal party!!!

call avery and aiyanna-ask for them to be the ring bearer and flower girl

finalize guest list

complete survey for premarital counseling/start sessions

call to interview for florists (homebloom, fleurtasious)

book florist

book with lauren/discuss Love Story video

finish wedding website (end of January/early February)

record all addresses for guests (MOH/BM job)

choose save the date design/pictures

print out save the dates

send out save the dates (early February)

bring shawna, jenn, and nell to boutique for measurements and trying on the dress

receive rest of bridesmaids measurements and give to boutique

have bridesmaids pay for their dresses

book hair lady (erin?) decide who is doing my make up (end of February)

discuss honeymoon options with travel agents/determine budget/decide honeymoon destination













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...ROMANTIC CHIC!!! After more than a year being engaged, and countless more searching through wedding magazines, websites, and watching television shows, I never knew what wedding styles I liked the most. Well, after just looking at some more wedding ideas, I realized that I lean towards the romantic style with a chic twist. SO, if any of you PW ladies have any fun or interesting romantic chic ideas or photos, by all means, please let me know :) Let's see what great ideas everyone has!!

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My name is Heather, and I'm so excited and blessed to be marrying my best friend of 7 years, Michael. He is my high school (youth group) sweetheart, and it's amazing to see how much more I fall in love with him each day.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not 100% DIY. Concerning time, my plate is full, and I lack some sense of creativity and fashion. However, I'm ALL about the tiny details, and I'm hoping to use many in our wedding. :)

Counting down the days....