Sep 29, 2012

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My girs will wear Alvina Valenta Bridesmaids Dress 9225 in eggplant.

Alvina Valenta Bridesmaids and Special Occasion Dresses Style AV9225 by JLM Couture, Inc.

My sister is wearing Alvina Valenta 9028 in eggplant. 

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November 15, 2011: I FOUND IT! Enzoani Fatima. We added the belt and I'm going to have them add more lace to the top so it has more of a scalloped neckline. I'm also wearing two veils, one blusher and one cathedral length veil with lace detailing on the edges. It seems like a lot of veil but I'll only wear them for the ceremony.

THE DRESS photo 1

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Taken by Irmina Photo ( on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.

If anyone in the LA area is looking for wedding/engagement/baby pictures, check out her website!

Pro E pics photo 1 Pro E pics photo 2 Pro E pics photo 3 Pro E pics photo 4 Pro E pics photo 5 Pro E pics photo 6 Pro E pics photo 7 Pro E pics photo 8  Pro E pics photo 9 Pro E pics photo 10 Pro E pics photo 11 Pro E pics photo 12 Pro E pics photo 13 Pro E pics photo 14 Pro E pics photo 15 Pro E pics photo 16 Pro E pics photo 17 Pro E pics photo 18 Pro E pics photo 19 Pro E pics photo 20 Pro E pics photo 21 Pro E pics photo 22 Pro E pics photo 23 Pro E pics photo 24 Pro E pics photo 25 Pro E pics photo 26 Pro E pics photo 27

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i can't wait to go dress shopping! some of these are totally out of my price range but i love them all!

Dress Inspiration photo 1 Alvina Valenta

Dress Inspiration photo 2  Elie Saab, Astarte

Dress Inspiration photo 3 Lazaro

Dress Inspiration photo 4 Watters, Patagonia

Dress Inspiration photo 5 Watters, Reynosa

Dress Inspiration photo 6 Monique Lhuillier, Magical (not a fan of the bolero though)

Melissa Sweet, Olan


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Flower Favorites:

Flower Inspiration photo 1 White/Blush Peonies

Flower Inspiration photo 2 White/Blush Garden Roses

Flower Inspiration photo 3 White/Blush Mini Calla Lillies

Flower Inspiration photo 4Hydrangeas


Flower Inspiration photo 5Flower Inspiration photo 6 Orchids

I really want bouquets that are romantic and super fluffy. I also love the way white bouquets really pop against lavender bridesmaid dresses.

Flower Inspiration photo 7Flower Inspiration photo 8 Flower Inspiration photo 9 Flower Inspiration photo 10Flower Inspiration photo 11 

Flower Inspiration photo 12 Flower Inspiration photo 13

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almost forgot!!

i told him i liked a round cut but he pretty much picked this out by himself! he has great taste.  YAY for getting to wear something so beautiful for the rest of my life! it has diamonds on all sides of the band. i dont feel like pictures do it justice.

E Ring photo 1 E Ring photo 2

E Ring photo 3