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Centerpiece Inspiration photo 1 DIY Details: Centerpieces :  wedding candles decor diy los angeles 47b6d83 47b6d83


Centerpiece Inspiration photo 2 Non traditional sweetheart table decor :  wedding Sweetheart2

i already found some great sites where you can get tons of rose petals in bulk for cheap!

this girl did the whole thing herself! i'm going to want a lot more flowers than that though.



What do you guys think of how they turned out?? I made the table signs. 















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BoStOn photo 1 

we're getting married in boston sometime in fall 2012. we live in LA so i want to give myself (and everyone else) a lot of time to plan. our family and friends are coming from everywhere: LA, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan. i thought it would be easier to have people fly into the city and stay there than travel to my hometown, which is about 30 minutes outside boston. we don't have a date or anything yet, but we're looking at venues now. FI is cool with a boston wedding, even though he's from new york. and a yankee fan! but we won't hold that against him.  :)

BoStOn photo 2 BoStOn photo 3


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The full product list is below.



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Wedding colors photo 1Wedding, ColorMy Inspirations photo 23


UPDATE 6/12/12: Colors are going to be purple, gold and white!




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i really love purple. i was thinking of doing a bright lavender, white and black. i know i want some metallic color in there too but i can't decide on gold or silver. or maybe both? suggestions welcomed on this...

the blush color is more to incorporate into the flower details. i love white flowers with hints of pale pink. it looks amazing in pictures.

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FI and i met on our first day of college (undergrad), in connecticut. august 2003. it was move in day at our school and we had co-ed floors! everyone's doors were open that day because it was just a clusterf**k of people and college stuff being moved everywhere. i think he was helping the girl next door to me move in or something because he somehow ended up on my side of the hallway. i looked up from putting my clothes away and he was standing at my door, staring! lets keep in mind, i was hungover from last minute partying at home the night before and im pretty sure i hadn't showered yet. i was wearing a tank top and a baseball hat so i was no raving beauty at that moment. i can't explain it, but when we looked at each other for the first time, i just felt...something. it felt like someone had shocked me with something electrical. i tried to ignore it then, but it was definitely love at first sight. but i was too young/immature to understand that.

i was getting a bit freaked out that he was staring like that but one of my roommates saw him and invited him in. i was annoyed with her. why is she inviting this weird guy into our room?? yes, he's tall, dark and handsome but he was being SOOO quiet and a little creepy maybe? eventually we became friends but he made it very clear that he was interested in being more from day one. i was trying to stay single but it became impossible because i knew i was in love with him. how could i not be? he was everything i've ever wanted. funny, very smart, athletic, gorgeous, super sweet. i dont think my 17-year-old self was ready for him to come along. 

after undergrad, he went to University of Nebraska to get his masters in exercise science and sports nutrition. he asked me to come but i was trying to prepare for my future. i was planning to move to LA, which he knew. i bartended in boston until i had enough money to move. i told him LA was where i had to be to pursue the career i wanted and if he wanted to come, i wanted him to be there. but i was going with or without him. luckily he made the right choice and moved to the west coast after he graduated from Nebraska.  :)

our relationship wasn't always perfect. we did a lot of growing up together in seven years. we've been through some awful times but mostly, really great times. even when we were upset with each other or "technically" not together, we never went a day without speaking. when life tried to pull us apart, we found ways to make it work. i truly believe that he is my soulmate.

Our Story photo 1  senior year '07!


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i love how he proposed because it was unbelievably perfect and romantic and now i have this beautiful story to tell for the rest of my life!

a week before my birthday (Oct 7, a Thursday that year) he asks if we can do my birthday dinner on saturday instead of thursday. i was a little annoyed. why couldn't we go to dinner on my birthday? but he said that he wanted to take me to this really great restaurant in malibu and it would probably be best if we went on a day that we both weren't working. i felt a little sheepish for being annoyed. how adorable that he had planned something so nice for my birthday! and i love malibu to death, which he knows, so i was totally down for a romantic evening at some great restaurant on the beach! saturday comes and i get all dressed up and i'm so excited for dinner. i wore these great black suede boots from chinese laundry (a xmas gift from FI) and a cute dress and i had spent almost an hour doing my makeup. but just before we're about to leave, FI says that i should wear SNEAKERS?? WTF? he says that i may get wet! is he crazy? i just got all dolled up for him! finally i gave in and i grabbed my sneakers.

we drive about 45 minutes to malibu. but we passed the restaurant!

"babe! you missed it! the restaurant was back there!"

"i want to take you somewhere first", he says. what is he DOING??

"but, aren't our reservations in 10 minutes??" i'm somewhat panicky at this point. what if we lose our reservations? then he tells me that he lied-our reservations aren't until 7! (it's 5:30 at this point). so i'm thinking, what the heck are we going to do for an hour and a half? we drove another 20 minutes to this AMAZING beach (can't remember the name) with these super cool caves. so now i understand the need for sneakers. he brought my camera too! i couldn't understand what that was all about. guys aren't usually into taking pictures but he gave me some smooth line about how it was such a cool photo op and he thought i would always want to remember my 25th birthday there. good point. besides the weather was perfect that afternoon. so we took a ton of pictures and then he said he wanted to go up to this cliff and lay down because the sun was about to set. i was very impressed with him. this was all very romantic! so we layed down on our blanket and watched this amazing view when he started to tell me the cutest things! i didn't know he was going somewhere with all this! i kept interrupting him to tell him how great he was, etc. (we're a very mushy couple sometimes). finally, he told me that without me there was no him and he got down on one knee and pulled out this huge box with my ring inside!! i started crying and i think i look hideous when i cry, so i kind of covered my face with my hands. i dont even think i actually answered him, i just threw my arms around him and kissed him and told him i loved him!

"we have to call your parents!" says FI, while we're walking back to the car. my parents? i have to call everyone i've ever met!! but we can start with my parents. "well, i mean, they already know...". wait, what? then he tells me that he already called my dad that week and asked for his permission! i started crying all over again.

the restaurant was amazing. they gave us the best table overlooking the ocean because he called ahead to tell them that he was proposing that night! he's not a big drinker but he ordered us champagne right away and it was SOOOO cute! he definitely swept me off my feet and i know he'll make me happy for the rest of my life.

these are a few of the pictures we took before it all went down!

Engaged photo 1Engaged photo 2Engaged photo 3Engaged photo 4Engaged photo 5Engaged photo 6