Nov 18, 2011

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Ladies...I can't believe it's already around the corner!!!  I've been counting down the days until I "made the list" and here it is! 

 We made the list photo 1

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This is what I'm thinking for our altar.  It's not perfect because I was trying to recreate it in Hobby Lobby, but it's got large callas, hydrangeas, and twigs coming out of it.  It will be real flowers they day of but its a rough draft:

Altar Decoration photo 1

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We got this in the mail a few days ago and it made me smile:

Surprise from Disneyland photo 1

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Our cake topper from Etsy seller mudcards:


Cake Topper photo 1


We met at Outback :)

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I would like to introduce you to our furry little children  :) 


Furbabies photo 1

Tallee is a lab/retriever mix.  I got her in Tallahassee on my way back from my grandmothers house. I stopped at a rest area and there she was just walking around in the grass.  I went to say hi and she wouldn't stop following me.  A trucker had gotten her as a surprise for his daughter, but when he told the mother, she said to get rid of the dog or don't bother coming home.  He told me that if I could guarantee she would be in a good home he would give her to me along with everything he had bought for her.  She's my little angel and is so happy to have a sister now and she loves her daddy :)  We also happen to share the same birthday!



Furbabies photo 2

Tink is a german shepard/siberian husky mix. Her daddy got her in South Florida from a breeder.  She is such a little princess and loves the attention.  She will snuggle, but only on her own time :)  Her and Tallee are inseperable.  They are sisters for life.  She is turning five years old this December!


Here they are together:

Furbabies photo 3Aren't they adorable?!

I wish they could be a part of our special day, but the venue won't allow it :(  I know they will be with us in spirit though the day of!


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So the way we designed our favor it serves as the place card for each family/couple/guest as well!!! I feel so crafty!!  Our favor is a dice game that we's called Greedy.  So it's six small green dice wrapped in a green fabric that is inside a shot glass that we designed (because we collect shot glasses as well from places we go).  It could also serve as a votive instead. We spray painted a popsicle stick and tapped it to the inside back of the glass and affixed the printed punch-out that has our monogram and the family/couple/guests name with what table they are at (printed on silver cardstock).  

Sounds complicated but it was really quite easy and we love it!

Favor Place Card photo 1 Favor Place Card photo 2


Forgive the frayed edges on the fabric.  We will have them finished or use a little bag instead.