Oct 17, 2010

The Hidden Garden
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
We hired Hidden Garden to do our wedding recently. The punchline of my review is that it is indeed true that they do beautiful work with flowers, however, based on my experience with them I would not recommend hiring them to do your wedding. If I could do it all over again, I would have hired a different florist. I met with Trisha and her staff on at least 3 different occasions (for over an hour each) to go over all of the details of our centerpieces, our chuppah (wedding canopy), bouquets, etc. They seemed charming, attentive and like they could be trusted to carry out the design and contact we had agreed upon. But much to our dismay, as our wedding day neared (and on our wedding day), the flowers did not turn out the way we wanted them.

The chuppah - I had provided exact photos of the chuppah design we wanted to Hidden Garden on at least 5 different occasions before our wedding (2 times in person, and at least 3 times via email). We discussed this design in detail, and even went so far as to specify the design we were trying to stay away from. To our huge disappointment, on our wedding day, Hidden Garden changed the design of our chuppah to something we did not want, WITHOUT consulting us. By the time we saw the chuppah it was too late to change it (our wedding was going to start in an hour or two). To make matters worse, it was nothing like the chuppah we had discussed and agreed upon (in our contract!). This was not only unprofessional, but was beyond anything we would have expected an established florist.We were disappointed with our chuppah but we were appalled by the fact that we
paid a ton of money for a chuppah we didn't order and that we didn't like. After our wedding when we approached Hidden Garden about this, they were hardly apologetic and said "all of our guests seemed to like it." They didn't offer us any discount or any consolation for the fact that we have a chuppah we did not like in every single photo of our wedding ceremony.

The bridal bouquet - I requested a particular variety of rose for my bouquet. They emailed me about 2 months before our wedding (I had booked them a year out from our date) and told me that their grower could not supply that rose and that I would have to choose something else they had. It wasn't like I was requesting an obscure flower or anything - it was a cream lush/full rose. I was shocked that they did not try to find the flower from another grower in the area, but rather told me that I had to choose another flower or that I had to locate them myself and have 24 stems shipped to them 2 days before my wedding so they could use them for the bouquet. I'm sure they could have found another supplier in all of LA that had access to that flower. In the end, I ended up locating and ordering flowers myself for my own bouquet (which I paid for out of pocket) and had them shipped to the florist. And even though I had provided the flowers, I was still charged over $50 plus tax, service charges etc for them to tie the bouquet together.

My centerpieces - My smaller centerpieces were supposed to be floating in water (this was even stated in the contract and also shown in photos provided on several occasions). This was not done one my wedding day. Instead each of these centerpieces was placed in a dry vase (which makes no sense...flowers and plants need water!).

The curtain - Oh and also, they quoted us $500 for a piece of plain ivory fabric we needed to cover a window facing the ceremony area so the guests arriving outside would not be able to see us (the bride and groom) while we waited for the ceremony to start. After much ado, we talked them down to $150 which is still way too much if you ask me.

All in all we were truly disappointed and upset that our experience
with Hidden Garden turned out this way. We do appreciate that the flowers did look nice at the event, but we wish our wedding day flowers had been as we had designed and agreed upon with them.
Services used: Flowers