Oct 17, 2009

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Hi there. I'm Nona, I'm 33 years old, I live in the Inland Empire out in the hot desert of Southern California.  I'm a beach native, born and raised on the sunny coast of Redondo Beach.  I love to dance, I love to listen to music, and I love to collect photography. 

My husband and I met 12 years ago and have been happy and had a drama free marriage for 10 years. We have 3 beautiful boys and we love to go to the beach as often as possible.

Frank and I have decided to finally have the wedding of our dreams and we feel it's the best time to do it. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary and we have so much to celebrate and be proud of. How many couples do you know that have spent thousands on a wedding and then break up just a few years later.  Well, there's no turning back now for us. Three boys, a business, and a house and a wonderful extended family are just a few of the treasures that keep the glue on the marriage rock solid. 


We are committed to paying for the wedding event on our own, not going into debt for it and not "over doing" it. Our budget is $8,000 and we are using as many friends and family who are budding wedding professionals to help us out with putting on this event.  Once we started talking about this, people started offering to help us out free of charge. It was such a blessing.  Our Motto is, "If it's free it's for me".  I know some people worry about the event being perfect. Well we just want it to be fun.  Frank is a professional DJ and will be handling all the music selections which as we all know, is 75% of the success of any wedding. So with that covered, everything can be just icing on the cake. Not perfect or high priced.  Fun to us, means we leave the joint sweaty, funky, and regaining drunk focus as we walk out after dancing hard and laughing hard with the people we love the most.