Oct 06, 2012

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So before I start going crazy with my bridesmaid and their dresses and their look.. I figured why not start with ME?! ha. ;D It is all about the bride anywayz. I want to keep it very romantic, yet edgey at the same time to match my personality. I'm having the HARDEST time trying to find accessories to go with my dress! Any recommendations or anything are more than welcome! =]


I'm ready for my closeup...

So I'm EXTREMELY fortunate to have my uncle doing my makeup for FREE, along with the whole bridal parties! It seriously pays to have a drag queen for an uncle! I canNOT wait to see what we come up with. Here's some of my inspiration. I definitely want it to be dramatic yet soft? If that makes any sense! ;D




Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair..

I kinda want to do a combination of all of these together. Almost in a faux-hawk.

I love both of these overall looks..



Bring me my crown!!!


Got these gorgeous earrings from the fabulous Heidsmu33 <3
(+ they match my tiara PERFECTLY without even planning it!) 





Glass Slippers

A friend of mine customized my wedding shoes as my wedding present. <3 How gorgeous are they?!




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Our engagement party is going to be held on July 9, 2011 in my parents' backyard! It's the ultimate party backyard complete with swimming pool, horseshoe pit, firepit, swingset, and plenty of bbq's! ha. =] We're going to have it catered by a company that we've used before that has DELICIOUS food!

That being said.. our engagement party will have a theme also.. and you guessed it! It's Disney oriented.. it's going to be..

'because she promises to love him to inifinty and beyond'

engagement party photo 1


Meaning behind our theme:
The whole thought behind our theme for our engagement party is ever since we first said 'I love you', I always told Dave that I loved him to infinity and beyond! =] I'm a corndog like that. ha. So as I was playing around with making up invitations for the engagement party I had the idea of using that saying on the invite! How cute! ;D Then after I really started thinking about it I realized that Toy Story 3 is actually the first movie date that we had! Woohoo!


Color Scheme
engagement party photo 2  
engagement party photo 3

Buzz Lightyear colors of course! ;D*






Cupcake Cake 

For our cake we're going to have a large cupcake cake.. the top tear will be a 12" high round cake about 9" wide. Here are our flavors:

  • red velvet with cream cheese icing
  • hummingbird with marshmellow icing
  • lemon angel food cake with lime and coconut icing
  • strawberry cake with strawberry icing
They all sound so yummy! I wanted some light summery flavors! And of course I had to have my red velvet cake. Mmm. It's my favorite! We're going to keep it within our color scheme and put stars all over it! It's going to be AWESOME! I'm also going to color code the flavors with some cupcake flags! So far I think I'm going to use these.. just need to decide which one will represent which flavor!

DIY Engagement Madness

hair flower


Father of Bride, Maid of Honor, Grandma of Bride,
Godparents of Bride badges



Bridal Party Tank Tops



*all transfers purchased from PeaceLoveRhinestones, highly recommend





The Final Result







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I have a lot of inspiration for my wedding so I figured I'd put it all in one spot! Until the bridesmaid dresses are selected we can't really do much so that I know as to EXACTLY what color they will be and such. I've collected VARIOUS pictures from all over the internet... if anything is yours PLEASE let me know so I could give you the proper credit! =]

 Keep in mind colors of these pictures may not be correct.. but they will be changed to match out scheme.


Ceremony Decor




I love, love orchids, peonies, lilies, anemones, and gerbea daisies. So I would love to incorporate all of them into the flowers somehow.

Bridal Bouquet- (colors will be changed to our color scheme)

Bridesmaid's Bouquet

Groom's Bouteniere


Reception Table Linens, etc



When it comes to the cake we don't want to have the traditional WHITE cake, so whatever cake we get the base color of the cake will more than likely the aqua/turquoise color with WHITE accents and decorating. =]

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Say hi to my little baby, Peanut! She's the love of my life.. well before Dave was around. ;D She's about to turn 5 this May and I can't believe as to how well she's taken to Dave. She NEVER liked any of the guys I brought to my house.. but she's more attached to him than I think she is to me now! haha. Ohhh Peanut! =] It's a good thing though! I do get jealous when she goes to him instead of me.. wah. ha. But it's safe to say he's officially adopted her as his daughter too!


This is my other furbaby Nikki, she's a Shepard/Lab and honestly probably one of the SMARTEST dogs I've ever seen.


And just a cute little picture of the 2 of them enjoying each other's company

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David and I will be getting married in the church that I've grown up attending. Totally not going to lie, I was against the church wedding since the start. But we had some issues with the venue and the timing with the sun going down so we ended up going back to what my mother originally wanted and we will be getting married in the church. I recently went back to visit to find out that they have redone the entire inside of the church! It's very modern and light and airy. I'm kind of excited to see how it all pans out?

The cocktail hour will be on the deck overlooking the beach and the downstairs area. You then go upstairs to a GORGEOUS view of the beach and our reception. The circular windows are my favorite part! Oh how I love them!

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Yes we are having a theme.. as if you couldn't already tell.. it will be Disney related! ;D I'm a diehard Disney fan and I'm turning Dave into bit of a DIShead himself. =] So we've decided what better than to have a Disney themed wedding! We would LOVE to get married in Disney, but let's face it. We all know a majority of our guests wouldn't be able to make it. So we're going to save that for a vow renewal! hehe.


We want to keep our wedding SUPER elegant. We're going very formal with everything we're doing, even though we are located on the beach. Just cause there's some sand doesn't mean my dream of a black tie wedding has to go to waste.. ;]
We're going to incorporate hidden Mickey's throughout everything for the wedding. If you're unfamiliar with the ideas of the hidden Mickey, what they are is simply what they're called.. they're Mickey's that are hidden among some other items. Or in places that you aren't looking. Most commonly they're in the form of the 3 circle Mickey heads. =] Which is what we will be incorporating throughout a lot of the details of the wedding! I really can't wait to see how they come out! Our other theme is Pixie Dust! I'm a HUGE Tink fan and love stars, so we're adding some magic to the wedding by the use of some 'pixie dust'. =]

oh no a theme wedding photo 1oh no a theme wedding photo 2



I really wanted to do an Ariel & Eric, aka Little Mermaid wedding, but it's super hard to try to find the stuff for it. =[ It's kinda upsetting my favorite princess gets the shaft! ha. Disney's gotta show Ariel some more love please!! ;D The cake topper I found was $300! Love you Ariel but it's not happening. We also didn't want it to be the typical beach wedding either.

don't think a bride gets anymore indecisive than I am. ;D As of today, April 21, we are changing our theme yet again. I'm going back to what I had originally wanted to do for our wedding. When I booked my venue I always said it would be perfect for a Little Mermaid wedding.. BUT I didn't want to have the typical beach wedding. SO.. I've come up with the idea of making our reception feel like we're under the sea! I cannot wait to talk with my florist and see what she has to say! She's AMAZING so I'm sure she's going to have some kick ass ideas! Yay! I really should learn to always stick with my gut! ;D