Oct 06, 2012

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*UPDATE 1/26/2012*

I have officially decided on a bridesmaid gown! Phew! ;D It's totally not what I was expecting.
But it's gorgeous and I love it! I can't wait to see my girls in it! The back is one of my favorite parts.
It will be in papaya with a gold lace.
Jim Hjelm Occasions 5190

On my Maid of Honor.
We're toying with the idea of tucking in the cap sleeves. Will be up to each individual girl. =]


Flower Girl*

As far as my flower girl goes, her look is pending. lol. She's growing like a weed and by the time the wedding comes she'll be only 6 years old, but about the size of a junior bridesmaid! So I have NO idea what I will be putting my little girl in. But she will be wearing the color turquoise in our palette to compliment the girls and their jewelry.



They will be in all black, with colored ties.. possibly vests. Dave will be in white and the guys will match the girls.



David will be wearing something similar to the above.


Groomsmen will be wearing something similar to the above, depending on BM colors.

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So I decided I'd dedicate a section just to my little beauty! I got all creative the other day and took some creative shots of my ring. It's a custom designed one from a local jeweler. She's platinum with a little over a carat in diamonds. It's totally nothing like what I would have imagined and nothing like anything I showed him! lol. I was originally against having a 3 stone ring but I love it now! The sparkle that it catches because of all the cuts is amazing!



Update: Wedding Bands!

So I figured I'd update this section with a couple pictures of our wedding bands that had come in about a month or so ago! =]


Ring facelift..

After a somewhat traumatic experience.. I chipped the main stone in my engagement ring. =[ The insurance didn't cover it and the jeweler wouldn't do much for us. After a panic ridden 2 weeks.. we finally had the idea of putting my late grandmother's stone into my setting. We weren't sure how it would look being that it was a round stone and the original was an emerald cut. But now that it is done it leaves me completely speechless. It's absolutely stunning and looks like it was meant to be there!

David had told me that my grandmother broke my stone not me, because she wanted me to have the stone. heh. He's such a doll. And the ring means that much more that it now has my grandmother's stone. None of us understand why my mother didn't give it to him to use in the first place!

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Okay, so, if you live in New Jersey you are FULLY aware of this wretched snow storm that is haunting us all day. I was originally supposed to go try on some dresses at 7pm in this one shop but I was worried they'd be closed. I had called around noon and he said he wasn't sure when or if they'd actually be 'open'. Luckily, a few minutes later he calls me back to let me know they're opening just for me! THE DRESS photo 1 I told him no worries! I'll be there by 3:30!

We get to the store, mother & maid of honor in tow, I am immediately overwhelmed with all of the pretty dresses! hah. They had their dresses actually hung up on body hangers so you can somewhat see what they'd look like on. I picked out about 6 or 7 dresses to try on & then headed into the fitting room. The first one I tried on was nice (don't remember what it even looked like?). Then I tried on a Maggie Sottero dress that I had been eyeing up online..
For all you brides who are worried you won't find the one.. I promise you when they say you'll know.. they're 120% right! I walked out of the room & looked at myself in the full length mirror with my mom & MOH behind me & couldn't stop smiling! The dress was stunning! I LOVED it! I couldn't take my eyes off of myself! (Conceited much?) It was seriously a combination of all of my dresses I 'liked' in one! I said I loved it & my mom almost fell off of her seat! She was like woah, you've never said that yeah! The woman then put a veil that matched PERFECTLY & a pretty sparkley tiara. I was in LOVE. =] I didn't wanna take it off! Standing in the mirror I began to do my finger thinking (don't ask.. it's a thing I do when my brains a thinking away & I do this finger movement maneuver ha).. My mom can automatically see it in my face. She's like uh oh, the fingers are a going. This is the one! I couldn't help but laugh, she knows her daughter waaaaay too well! After a few more minutes admiring myself in the mirror, I decided to try on more dresses. I ended up only trying on 2 more.. a Maggie ballgown & an Alfred Angelo lace fit n flare, both beautiful gowns. But not mine.. Okay, back to my babe! ha. I got back into the dress & again, couldn't help but stare at myself! The woman told me she'd give me a snow sale, $600 off of the gown & $250 off of the veil (making it $400! Plus I had to take THAT one, they couldn't get anymore =[). How could I say no?! Well, I said no to the veil! Sorry but $400 for a veil is a little much, I loved how it matched but I'll search the internet or make my own somehow! ha.

My MOH tried on a few bridesmaids dresses, we have about 3 contenders so far! =] Pretty, pretty, but we're gunna try on more next week at Alfred Angelo! We have an appointment there for me to try on, but I'm probably going to try on rehearsal dressses instead! ;D

After she was done, I HAD to put my dress back on. Then it was crystal clear. Screaming my name in blinging crystals, HELLO THIS IS YOUR DRESS JENIFER! THE DRESS photo 2THE DRESS photo 3THE DRESS photo 4THE DRESS photo 5THE DRESS photo 6THE DRESS photo 7
I took it off and we then began the ordering process! I didn't wanna include pics of me in it just yet, not until I get MINE! ha. ;D But here are pics from the website.. I'm officially a Maggie bride!!!!!



We're adding our own little customizations as well, once she comes in we can play a little bit more and get more of a feel of what we're going to do!

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Okay so I had an appointment with Alfred Angelo this past Wednesday. Let me tell you. It was a complete nightmare. I don't know why but just driving down there I had a feeling something was going to happen. Always go with your gut feeling! We get down there to find out I didn't have an appointment at alll! I then almost got shushed out of the store by a cranky manager after driving over an hour! A sweetheart sales associate grabbed me & took care of me anyway. I love her. lol. So my entire experience kinda got shambled due to the fact that the experience with manager happened first before I even tried on the dresses. I tried on all of the Disney dresses, which are gorgeous, but I am going back on Feb 2nd to try on again & to try on more! wee!


Then last night, last minute decision to go to a different bridal shop after work. I ended up trying on my Casablanca Couture gown again, which is really sticking in my head, & loved a Maggie Sottero dress also. But nothings really crying out to me saying this is IT! Blah. So idk, I'm getting uber discouraged. Good thing I have a year & 8 months til I get married! I figured, as long as I order by January, I'm golden. Ugh. Did anybody else have these issues?

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So I've actually started to look at wedding dresses.. I went last night to try on at the first bridal salon. I was a bit nervous & kind of against even starting this early? I didn't want to start looking until April or May, being that I'm getting married in October of 2012! ha. My mom, however, was super persistent & somewhat obnoxious about telling me to just go try some on to get an idea of what I'm looking for

I definitely wasn't thinking it would be this much of a strain on my brain! ha. All my life I always saw myself getting married in a big ol princess ballgown! I mean come on, the more fluff the better right? ;P So we went to one of the local bridal salon & I had my first experiences. I was first off completely turned off by a lot of the gowns that I saw in the place? Nothing was catching my eye. & I figured... awww crap. This isn't going to be good?! ha. Much to my surprise I did find 2 dresses that I did LIKE. But nothing was screaming out to me THIS IS MY DRESS!! My mother had tears with the first one I tried one (which is one of the like dresses) but we're not sure if it's cause of the dress or cause it was the first dress I tried on? But the dress was gorgeous, but I don't know if it's one I could see myself getting married in? It wasn't a ballgown. It was a fit n flare style, which I will say made my figure look damn good! ha. I was a bit shocked! I'm usually very very self conscious when it comes to my hips & my hourglass shape, but daaaayum girl! haha. =P The next dress I liked was an alll lace couture gown. Oh my god, the sparkle on the thing was OUT OF CONTROL! So, naturally, I loved it! hehe. It was an actual mermaid gown, again shocked I even liked it, that really complimented my shape.

I was so overwhelmed with the whole first experience that I forgot to find out the designers & to take pictures! Aoy. But the woman I had my appointment with, I called her today, said I could come back in sometime to try on again & to take pictures! Woohoo! =] She was a doll. Loved her. So these are the 2 dresses from that experience...

LaRichi Dress.. MINUS the sash..

Casablanca Lace Gown...


These pictures do NOT do either of these gowns justice what so ever!


We were then supposed to journey down amidst the snow to a bridal show.. but instead ended up at Davids Bridal. I was dieing to try on some ballgowns! =] The other salon didn't have many or at least I didn't see many? So I wanted to see what they looked like. I'm very anti Davids. lol. It's not that I think they're dresses are bad or anything, but I feel like a lot of their designs are very 'generic' & something that everyone wears. I'm all about being unique & different & I LOVE couture gowns. So I ended up trying on a few ballgowns, that were pretty, but not my dress. Oh & did I mention I'm down 3 dress sizes!! Crazy! Lady told me if I loose anymore weight, I'm not going to fit in any dresses! hehe. Anywho, I ended up trying this one gown that was beautiful! With a cathedral veil (LOOOVE them) & I must say holy smokes was I not expecting to like a gown from David's. It's very similar to another gown that I've had my eyes on for a month or so.. but here is the picture. =]

The bottom of the dress is definitely something that I FELL in love with. I love how different it is. Plus my aunt can always add more glitz for me! haha. Plus I love it has that fitted feel but it's still a ballgown!


So after that venture I began to get a little worried.. I kinda feel like I'm not going to have that WOW that is my dress feeling? I'm so confused. I want to get the tears & all that emotional stuff when I know it's my dress. I talked to my mom about it & she said I have nothing to worry about when it happens it'll happen guaranteed. So we'll see!

I have an appointment next week at Alfred Angelo which has a number of dresses I've been eyeing up! haha. =] Wish me luck! I will DEF have pictures of me in those dresses when the time comes. hehe. ;D

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We've finally made it! Ah!