Oct 06, 2012

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So the date is October 6, 2012. That day I will become Mrs. David C. Olcott. Holy smokes. It's crazy! The entire event will be held on the beach.. with the ceremony possibly in my church where I had grown up.

Keeping in mind that it's going to be fall and we're going to be near the beach.. we finally decided our color scheme. At the same time, even though it's fall, I wanted to have BRIGHT colors. I am all about color and my family is well aware of that. And we also wanted to give it a halloween-ish feel. So voila!

Color Scheme



 The last 3 colors are the accent colors only.

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My fiancee & my story is actually kind of interesting? We've known each other for over 5 years but never met face to face. He always had a girlfriend, yet was extremely persistent about hanging out with me? I never gave him the time of day, because he did have a girlfriend & what would I do if I ended up really liking this kid? I wasn't in the mood to be second best.. again. I went through some really rough, really messed up relationships.. in which my fiancee was always there & would always hear about. He always vented to me about his girlfriend too, they weren't the greatest relationship either. Great thing about online/texting friendships is you get to know each other in a totally different way & totally real way, I feel. I was never shy & honestly probably showed him some of the worst sides of me. We knew everything about each other, each of us having a few secrets, but it was never a big deal. Never thought I'd actually see this kid. 


Thank God he was so persistent! Otherwise, we woulda never really met each other! When he had finally broken up with her, it was probably the worst timing on his part. I just went through a really rough situation with a guy I had finally opened up to & basically decided to swear off the male species. But I was just like eh whatever, I'll meet up with him & finally get this kid off of my back! To be honest, I really tried not to like him.. But I couldn't help it! & since that day we finally met face to face, we have been inseparable ever since! =] <3