Oct 06, 2012

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So sorry for the delay in coming back! It's been a bit of a whirlwind since the wedding! I've posted a few teasers from the wedding for you all to enjoy. I promise to be back with full photography coverage when I get full time!

Also, take a peeky at our wedding video preview:

Back I m a MRS photo 1

Back I m a MRS photo 2

Back I m a MRS photo 3

Back I m a MRS photo 4

Back I m a MRS photo 5

Back I m a MRS photo 6

Back I m a MRS photo 7

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Ladies, if you use ANY of these photos be sure to give ME & my photographer (Susan Anderson of Something Blue Wedding Photography) full credit.















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As soon as I got engaged I started dreaming up ideas on how to ask my bridesmaids.. I finally had a genius idea and VOILA! These puppies were born! I love them dearly. And all of the girls were ecstatic to get theirs! I must say my MOH had the best reaction.. in the middle of Barnes and Noble, screaming! lol. Then turns to me and goes 'wait.. I don't even know what I have to do?!' Followed by a mutual friend of Dave and I's going 'wait, really? for real?' Haha. I LOVE the element of surprise!




If you wanna know about getting these for your bridesmaids.. visit my etsy store!!

I even have bride & grooms too!! ;D

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These were made by the FABULOUS Sarah of Signatures by Sarah. Seriously, she gave me so many options and completely understood where I was going with my vision and completely gets me! I canNOT wait until we get to work on some more of our wedding paper goodies!! So without further ado..


monograms photo 1

monograms photo 2


btw, it was SUPER hard to pick these 2! They were all super fabulous!


A third monogram from a close friend of mine, check out her store!
This one will be used for welcome bags/welcome letters. 


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The other night we booked our honeymoon! I'm so excited! I really can't wait! We want to plans all sorts of stuff to make our honeymoon EXTRA special and not like any other vacation.. so I present to you...


Sandals La Toc Resort in

Saint Lucia!!

Oceanview Walkout Room


honeymoon ers photo 1

honeymoon ers photo 1

honeymoon ers photo 2

honeymoon ers photo 3

honeymoon ers photo 4

honeymoon ers photo 5

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