May 14, 2011

Sweetieface Makeup & Hairdesign
( 4.6 / 5.0 )
I hired Raquel to do both my makeup and hairstyle for my wedding, and we did one hair/makeup trial before my wedding. I did airbrush makeup because I have very oily skin and did not want my makeup to "cake" or "slide" on my wedding day.

Raquel was very accommodating and agreed to meet me where ever I wanted to in the East Bay both for the trial and the day of the wedding. She was always on time if not a few minutes early. She has a very pleasant and friendly manner as well as being very down to earth and professional. Her rates are FANTASTIC and if it wasn't for her affordable rates I would not have been able to hire anyone to do my hair or makeup.

Raquel's makeup was top notch. I love how my makeup looked on my wedding day both in person to my guests and also in the photographs. My fiancée loved the way I looked, not overdone but definitely a special makeup look for a special day. Very well done, flawless, 5 +++ stars for makeup.

My hair was another matter altogether. I think I expected too much of Raquel, wanting something that wasn't quite standard. So my hair I would only give 3 stars, but again that may be my fault for wanting something a bit different - I wanted a sleek polished updo of pincurls all over the back of my head. I emailed Raquel pictures of what exactly I wanted before the trail. At the trial Raquel couldn't quite seem to understand what I wanted and instead tried 2 "standard" updo's first which were very nice and perfect for what they were, but clearly not what I had shown her in the pictures. But to her credit, Raquel was patient and was willing to try a third time and this time it was exactly what I had shown her in the pictures. After the trial I sent Raquel more pictures of the same hairstyle so she could see more exactly what I wanted.

On the day of the wedding Raquel told me she had never opened the document with the additional pictures I had sent her, so I had to bring it up on my phone to show her.
When she said she was done with my hair I was surprised because the front looked hideous to me with three separate sections in my hair pulled back like stylists do while while styling hair. She explained that in order to make the back look the way I wanted then the front had to look that way, but there was no way I was going to look like that on my wedding day (or any day). So she took it all down and because there was very little time left to get ready she just pulled it all back together and tried to put some of the pincurls in the back. I was not happy with the final look but there was no time to do anything else. My hair did not look bad or horrible, and no one else at the wedding knew that it wasn't what I wanted, it was just a large loose bun with some loops here and there. My sister showed up at the hotel room after having her hair done at a salon and my comment was "wow, your hair looks better than the bride's!" Meaning that it was a much more styled and polished updo. If there had been time I would have asked Raquel to go back to one of those "standard" updo's she had done at the trial because at least it would have looked more polished.

Then when I got to the venue the bobby pins started coming out with the curls hanging down even before the ceremony. A friend put them back but then later more of the curls came down and because the bobby pins were not placed securely enough.

So my review is mixed for Sweetie Face Makeup. She is a very talented makeup artist, top notch. And if you want a standard updo or hairstyle for your wedding day I would say no problem, Raquel will do great and it will look very nice. But if you want any non-standard hairstyle then have more than one hair trial with Raquel to be sure that it is perfect before your wedding day.
Services used: Beauty & Health