Sep 17, 2011

AllMadeUpTeam.com | Orange County & Los Angeles County Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
I had my make up trial with Angelina. It was my second make up trial I went to.. the first one was good but it's too natural for me.. I want a little more oomph.. i would characterize All made up team to be more glam than natural style - although I am sure they can do the natural looks.. my trial went well.. it wasn't cheap $150 for i think 2 hours.. the problem with the trial is she has not enough time to do 2 different hair styles on me.. she just bunched up my hair to show what it will look like.. which since it is my second make up trial i was fine.. the make up n hair looks great.. i went out during the day to run errands and people are stopping me to say how great i look and ask me if i am going to any special event :)

a couple weeks before my wedding, i started reading review online about how angelina is late to the wedding (see below) and just mishaps on the wedding day which makes me really really nervous.. i told my planner to address this and ensure that they have enough people to cover me and 5 other ladies in my family/bridal party. at first they want to give me 3 stylist to work on us and finally after voicing our concern, they sent 4 people. our make up went from 9am to 1.30pm for the 6 people and it was just enough time. i really think that addressing this issue makes them realize that they need to not be late/ screw up my wedding day and they were on top of things for my wedding day.

my wedding day make up n hair were amazing.............. it is even better than my make up trial.. even my bridesmaid who didn't have her make up done because she had a bad make up applied to her on another wedding, told me she wishes she had her make up done by angelina. I had a hair change and make up touch too done on the evening and Angelina definitely went beyond her calls of duty. she came on time.. changed up my hair.. when i wanted more volume on the top, she insisted to redo my whole hair to get the volume that i wanted. angelina is quick and great and i was really happy with the second hair change too...

a quick note will just be that i feel like the other hair sytlist is not as good as angelina.. i guess that might be common in this kind of make up team type.. overall i am really really pleased with all made up team.. i definitely understand the concern other brides will have about this timng and should definitely ask vivian, the owner to address it.
Services used: Beauty & Health

California Sounds
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Tom is one of the my favorite wedding vendors I have worked with... We met with a couple DJs and we felt like we were at a reality TV show when we meet these DJs... It started with the first DJ who is like 20 minutes late to the meeting, turns out not to be available for our wedding day, try to upsell us on things, who referred us to another DJ in his company.. who reminded us of "The Situation" from Jersey Shore... Enough said..

Next up from Jersey Shore.. we met with a soft spoken , teacher during day time and DJ at night time.. and then we meet another DJ who says "like" or was it "and" every three words in a sentence..

Finally we met Tom, who was recommended through our friend. I feel like finding a DJ is like finding a reflection of you two as a couple.. The other DJs are great too but my more outgoing love to party friends will pick the DJ whose energy shouts V-E-G-A-S and drinks.... we are more of a casual lounge, laid back type of couple and DJ Tom embodies that. He is responsible, responsive, and at a great value. I had booked too much of his time and when I wanted to scale down on his package, he allowed me to do that despite my signed contract.. I had also my bridezilla moment and ask Tom to come meet us at the venue in Long Beach (him coming from Pasadena area) on a weekday night and we only chatted for 30 minutes..

At our wedding day, Tom was great, there was no issue at all.. The MC role is just the right tone to set our mood and he gets people to the dance floor (and brides: what really get people to the dance floor is you or your groom on the dance floor)...

Bottom line: Tom was one of the top vendors I really enjoyed working with for our wedding day.. I highly recommend Tom
Services used: DJ

jac photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Chris and Jamie are so great to work with! I was new to wedding planning and was a little lost with the so many options in wedding photography. Through looking at wedding blogs, I noticed that I am drawn to the film photography more than digital photography. The color is softer and more romantic , I feel. I came across JAC photography through a casual, relaxed beach side wedding on Style me pretty. Chris shoots film and Jamie shoots digital. Perfect! I met up with Chris and Jamie and really liked their works. Working with Chris and Jamie is great because Chris will ensure you'll get what you want on the photography and Jamie is on top of things in corresponding with you and on the album designs.

I really love how Chris and Jamie are really great in capturing all the emotion throughout our wedding.. I am in love with our wedding photography and have been looking through the favorite slideshow probably 20 times since they shared it to me 10 days ago. Looovvvveeee............
Services used: Photography

Just Chic Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I got engaged in November 2010 and because we wanted to 'save money', i decided to book a very affordable day of coordinator. My experience with that DOC was not very great and when she left the company, I decided that I want to get a more involved planner.
I reached out to Just Chic events 6 months before my wedding, when I was overwhelmed.. I knew what I want in the wedding but I am overwhelmed with what to include and exclude. I knew I wanted a planner that is more involved in the event design of the wedding but also does not break my budget. I met with 4 planners in one day to make decision and Jessi Kaufman was my first meeting on that day. She was creative, she came prepared with her notes of my input through email and I knew for sure I wanted to book her.
Throughout my wedding planning, Jessi is a wedding planner/ bride's best friend I never had, since my family and friends are not in town/busy, I had to plan my wedding myself until Jessi comes along. She knew wedding planning in and out, had tons of great insights/advice and is also creative. She helped me make the decision of a wedding I wanted and also elevated it to the next level. She calmed me down when I was worried. Even though I went with the lowest level on planning, she gave more than other planners's package would.
I highly recommend Jessi and Just Chic Events. On the day of, she took care of all the details and I had nothing to worry about.
Services used: Wedding Planning