Mar 29, 2008

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after all the planning, we're finally married! =) sorry for the delay in updating my photos and bio. things have been such a whirlwind! whew!

so my photos have been updated, and now it's time to update my bio?

what helped me throughout the entire wedding process was that i viewed my wedding as a big, fun party for all of my loved ones. having that mindset kept me from getting overly stressed since the main goal was to have fun and celebrate. =)

i was just so happy the entire day, that it's hard to describe the joy i felt. i did run into a few mishaps, such as discovering a big water stain on the front chest area of my dress as we were unpacking it, after getting my hair/makeup done (eeks!! no dry cleaner would even touch it. tip: white chalk DOES work wonders! it at least covered it up well enough that no one noticed.) and the deep fog rolling in right before our ceremony (thereby causing my hair and my sisters' hair to fall flat), BUT you can't let those things ruin your special day.

you wedding day might not go exactly as you planned it, but it's still your special day. there's no need to ruin the here-and-now because something didn't turn out quite right.

to go into some logistical items, here are the wonderful vendors i would HIGHLY recommend!

Flowers: BeBuds from Torrance, CA - Taka was wonderful!

Hair/Makeup: OnLocation Beauty in OC/LA - Sherry was great!

Photographer: Tony Schreiber from Miami, FL - You might have to fly him out to CA, but he's amazing!

Dresses & Alterations (both bridal gown and bridesmaids): David's Bridal, MetroPointe, Costa Mesa, CA - Would recommend this location, since it's a large store with plenty of stock.

Bakery: Torrance Bakery, Torrance, CA - gorgeous and delicious cake!

Favors/Photobooths:, nationwide - fun, comes with an attendant, all pics get uploaded onto their website, and you get a CD of all the pictures too!

Chair covers & Table Linens: from San Pedro, CA - Dahlia was super easy to work with and they had a large selection to choose from, as well as reasonable prices. They did all the set-up and removal.

Invitations: - they made the ordering process super easy, and with our e-proofs, we knew exactly what we were getting. They were also reaonably priced, and had a quick turnaround time.

Hotel: Belamar Hotel in Manhattan Beach, CA - we had a Jr Suite and we loved it! Convenient location too.

DJ: DJ Element, Carson, CA - Lem's an awesome DJ. He has a great selection of music, and is super friendly.

Travel Agency: Costco Travel - they were super easy to work with in booking our customized Tahiti/Bora Bora honeymoon package

Happy wedding planning to everyone! =)


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small bio photo

i recently joined projectwedding, since i was a member on LABridezilla, and I'm so happy to be here!

some basic info about me:

i live in southern california, specifically the LA/OC area. we got engaged back last thanksgiving at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, which is where we had our first date almost 2 years before. we're getting married in march of 2008, since we wanted some extra time. =)

along with planning the wedding, we're going to be house-hunting too! i'm having lots of fun planning the wedding. i'm just a bit worried about the house part, since homes are not cheap here in southern california. the thought of a budget and hefty mortgage scares me! =p

i'm a planner by nature, and i manage projects as my profession. so i wanted to get things done fairly quickly. heehee...i'd rather have more time than not enough time. we're both very laid back, so we didn't have any set things in mind for our wedding. there were no preconceived notions about anything. so that's made things a lot easier for us.

i've knocked the following things off our list for the wedding (as of sept 2007):

ceremony / reception site (same place)
pastor to officiate
live musicians
bridesmaids dresses
wedding dress
wedding shoes
wedding accessories
wedding cake
wedding "favors"
hotel room blocks
wedding website
wedding registry at macy's and crate & barrel
jewelry for my bridesmaids/sister
booked the makeup artist/hair stylist

to do list:
we ordered a sample of our invites, but we haven't placed our entire order yet.
we still need to find some shoes for my sisters (my 2 bridesmaids). i think this is going to be toughie since their dresses are "latte" color.

so i'm just trying to get some more ideas for the wedding. =) i'm aiming for the fun, relaxed feel. my main goal is for us and our guests to eat good food, and have a fun time. =)