May 26, 2012

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Joshua and I met at a Quick Trip he was working at one night, I thought he was really cute and ended up giving him my number. We started talking to each other for several days and decided that it was time to go on a date. Our first date was 8/22/08 and we we nt to the movies and saw Yes Man. Aft er that we ended up hanging out a couple times after that, but since the beggining we knew there was something different about each other.


Josh proposed on Febuary 27,2010.

Since i work 3rd shift i didn't wake up till lunch time. Josh had alittle bunny rabbit holding an egg with a note inside saying come down for your first surprise. There he had lunch ready for me.

After that he sent me to get my nails done. When i got back i had another egg waiting for me saying get ready for a wonderful night.

He took me out to Lucianos, which is an true italian restraunt out in Mulvane.

We had a wonderful dinner there, than he took me out to Aunt Sue's Bed and Breakfeast in Mulvane.

There he proposed, finally!

We had a wonderful night and i wouldn't trade it for anything.

Even better in the morning we had a french toast with bananas covering it. 

About Us photo 1The cabin inside.

About Us photo 2He had flowers, champagne and strawberries waiting.

About Us photo 3The cabin outside.

About Us photo 4My ring!

About Us photo 5The view from the deck ouside, which also had a hot-tub!

About Us photo 6The Cabin



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Wedding Recessional: Another one bites the dust : Queen

Farther/Daughter Dance: I loved her first : Heartland


Some vows we are considering:


In your eyes, I have found my home

In your heart, I have found my love

In your soul, I have found my mate

With you, I am whole, full, alive

You make me laugh. You let me cry

You are my breath, my every heartbeat.

I am yours 

You are mine

of this we are certain

You are lodged in my heart

The small key is lost

You must stay there forever



You are my inspiration and my soul's fire

You are the magic of my days

You help me laugh, you teach me love

You provide a safe place for me, unlike I've ever known

You free me to sing my own song

You are more of an amazement to me, each day I rediscover you

You are my greatest boon

I am yours 

You are mine

of this we are certain

You are lodged in my heart

The small key is lost

You must stay there forever



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Though I don't know what i want my invitations to look like I know some of the wording though i am not sure which one yet.

1. "Two-stepping" our way into a new life...

The dance begins for a husband and wife

at place time blah.. blah.. blah

2. Please join the round-up of friends and kin

to celebrate the day our new life will begin.

time.. place blah.. blah.. blah


For the RSVP

Let us know if you can make it by


__Yee-Ha! We'll be there with our boots on.

__Aw-shoot we can't make it.


Save the Dates

Choice #1, which we both like the best so far



These were both designed just using adobe photoshop elements, you can down load project examples from there website.

On the back of them we put magnectic tape, which you can get for a couple bucks from hobby lobby



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Just some ideas photo 1Just some ideas photo 2

Just some ideas photo 3

Not everyone wheres comfy shoes to a wedding, but i would rather all my guest be comfy and be able to dance.


Just some ideas photo 4Just some ideas photo 5

I know we are going to have some kind of candy stand and have some on the tables with our colors.

So why guest are waiting for us they will at least have something to snack on. I also know we will have fruit and veggies out, and fondue stands.


Just some ideas photo 6Of course we are going to have bubbles and a bubble machine just to make sure there is enough bubbles!


Just some ideas photo 7

Since the place we are having it at is off a main road. We decided we were going to do this, coming each way with a sign saying wedding.

a couple of weeks ago me and josh went to a wedding and it was really annoying cause the place didn't have any signs up or anything and it was kind of hard to find and we actually ended up getting lost!

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Fulton Valley Farms

The Place photo 1The Place photo 2

The Place photo 3The Place photo 4

The Place photo 5The boot scootin barn

Fulton Valley farms is right out side of towanda and is actually a working Farm.


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I saw these on another girls website:




Will You Be My Bridesmaid First Aid Kits!

font color 2D3559 Will You Be My BM photo 1 font color 2D3559 Will You Be My BM photo 2

Each kit comes with a card with a poem asking them to be my MOH/BM, and inside there is a piece of paper explaining the contents:

font color 2D3559 Will You Be My BM photo 3

  • Notepad – to jot down all of your ideas, which I promise to at least listen to
  • Marbles – an extra set; in case I lose my marbles along the way, you can lend me a few
  • Cookie – a quick pick-me-up when your blood sugar levels are bottoming out
  • Stress Ball – you can squeeze this instead of wringing my neck when I start to drive you crazy
  • Tylenol – for that headache you’re bound to get the hundredth time I change my mind on our wedding theme and want to tell you all about it
  • Vodka RedBull – in case the Tylenol isn’t enough (<------my MOH got the Vodka RedBull, another BM got Jager RedBull, and the other got Patron. Basically, they got their drink of choice.)
  • Picture of the Happy Couple – a reminder of why you signed up for this in the first place. We’re so happy to have you as part of our special day!