Sep 05, 2010

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person (Mignon McLaughlin)
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Dream Ireland Honeymoon photo 1

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Bridesmaid earrings and flower-girl monogram bracelets courtesy of Etsy...Thank you and "Will you be my..." cards - www.greetingcarduniverse.com

Bridal Party Gifts photo 1

Groomsmen striped pink Nautica ties and argyle Ralph Lauren socks:

Bridal Party Gifts photo 2


Best bridal party gifts ever and for all ~ hand-painted glasses of each bridal party member: http://www.fizzyartist.com/   Order early as she's a busy lady! :)

Bridal Party Gifts photo 3

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I'll never tire of saying it...HIRE A VIDEOGRAPHER!!!! :0)  Here is Bryan of Hindsight Video in action who is more than amazing...can't say enough about he and his wife Nikki.  If you want to see my 5-min highlight video, please send me a note.  It is the best day of your life, you are going to want to re-live it and Hindsight catches every important moment in the most fabulous way!  http://hindsightvideo.com/#/home

AND...he created an 8-minute "Love Story" video we showed before being announced into the reception, which our guests went wild over it!


Ken Dionne of MainEvent DJ - Our guests loved Ken as much as I enjoyed working with him.  He's such a professional who clearly loves what he does!  He was so flexible and made adjustments quickly as things came up - even day of!  I cannot say enough about what an awesome DJ Ken is...he made our day such a blast!!! A year later guests still say our wedding was more fun than any they've ever attended...all thanks to Ken!!!


My Off The Chart Fabulous Vendors photo 3


http://www.dancebecause.com/  ~ Dance lessons ~ the most fun, relaxing, laughter-filled time during the wedding planning process. Our lessons were a secret, and Amanda of Dance Because is the rock star of dance instructors!  My husband and I had a blast and our guests and bridal party were in hysterics when we went from our slow ballroom Rumba "God bless the broken road" by Rascal Flatts into Michael Jackson's "The way you make me feel" with jacket flying, dirty dancing, hair spinning Cha-Cha.  She mixed all our special dance music, taught us some outstanding steps and gave us the confidence we needed to make our first dance extraordinarily memorable!  Amanda is patient, talented, super fun and has a great sense of humor!


 My day-of wedding planner, Laurie Mantegari of Everyday Details - who I wish I had found much sooner!  Laurie is doing so much behind the scenes and yet, is right there when needed.  No detail is overlooked and my day was perfectly organized, and I didn't have to think about a thing other than having a good time!!!  She is just the best!!  She's also good at hiding from the camera, and while this is not the most flattering pic of her, it is an example of Laurie's ensuring all is perfect including my dress before I walked down the aisle... http://everydaydetails.com/index.php

My Off The Chart Fabulous Vendors photo 4


Alura Ensemble – Aubrie Dionne, flute and Christopher Gantner, piano, harpsichord, organ, keyboard



Last but not least, my fabulous photographer who catches the greatest moments perfectly! Geneve of Geneve Hoffman Photography http://www.genevehoffmanphotography.com/ caught here by her assistant Wendy taking a pic of us through the vines.

 My Off The Chart Fabulous Vendors photo 5

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 Inspiration Board:


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Now that my wedding day is over, I finally am able to post all the details on PW!  Kudos to all the brides who DIY projects, update their bios and plan a wedding all at once...I received many wonderful ideas from Project Wedding so thought I'd share my pro pics of the day here!  A hurricane was heading our way, but it turned out to be an unbelievably gorgeous day...truly magical!

After the fact, some advice for other PW brides:

Videographer: I was completely against a videographer...absolutely refused until our dance instructor sent me a link to this amazing local videographer!  I can't even express how happy I am that I hired one as there is a high associated with the wedding and then the day of is a blur and when you return from the honeymoon, there can be a sort of low, but once I saw my highlight video, I was on cloud 9 once again.  You can't be everywhere that day, you can't remember much, you're pulled in a million directions, and so to see my day in a 5-minute clip of highlights bursting with happiness and smiles is so amazing!  I highly, highly recommend getting a good videographer as the photographer can't capture the moments the same way, unlike what I once thought!

Dance lessons:  If you can fit them in your budget -and some instructors are less than you may think...look around - take them and start early...at least 6 months before the wedding.  Dance lessons were a highlight of the wedding planning and believe me, there weren't many of those!  It was relaxing and fun for my husband (who USED to hate dancing) and me and was exactly the togetherness we needed to keep us grounded when all the other craziness is going on around you...we laughed a lot!

Have fun: as much fun as possible…unless you’re very lucky, people are not going to treat you the way you’d expect…guests, parents, siblings, venue owners, it can turn out to be about them so try not to pay any attention to the little things and dance, drink and socialize as much as you can...I'm so happy I did! :)