May 02, 2010

Kelli Leslie Photography
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I had a rather unpleasant and entirely disappointing experience with this vendor. My mother first met her at the bridal show in PHX. They hit it off and I followed my mom's lead and met with her and left with the feeling that I found someone who I could trust for such an important day in my life. At the wedding it is so hard to tell what is going on as a bride but was happy that she was not in my face all the time but seemed to be capturing all the moments we had asked for. She appeared to be taking a lot of photos of the same thing but claimed she did not want to miss a moment so she overshoots.

Before the wedding she promised she would upload photos rather quickly so that we could see some while we were on our honeymoon. This did not happen. When I questioned her delay she said she had lost photos due to a computer crash but all of mine were intact. I asked for months and months for photos after the wedding to see just a few and she kept putting me off saying she was editing them to be perfect. When I finally got my photos 5 months later there were 2000+ to edit myself. This was exhausting, and there were quite a few that used distorted lenses and effects I found to be in very bad taste. I never saw that style in her book. When I finally get through most of them I realized significant moments were missing. Our cake cutting (my mother made my cake), my husband playing a song for me with the band, our speeches from our friends and family, some family pictures ... and many more. It almost seemed as if she sent me so many photos in hopes I would not notice. Once I confronted her she made many excuses until finally admitting that they were gone. She did not apologize and instead tried to turn the situation by reminding me that she had done well on the price. It took weeks for her to finally apologize for the loss. No effort was made to try and compensate us for the loss incurred. No price is worth this experience. I am baffled, disappointed, and heart broken over this. Needless to say I would not recommend her to anyone.
Services used: Photography