May 02, 2009

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On May 2, 2009 Steve and I were married in a perfect outdoor ceremony followed by an outdoor reception at the Estate House at Cypress Grove in Orlando, FL.

Our dogs were walked down the aisle by ushers and took part in our ceremony.  Our youngest Labrador, Abbey, even barked on cue right after Steve recited his vows to me, at which point my husband then re-assured her, that "she's still his # 1". Oue guests loved it!

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Today, Steve and I live in Toledo, Ohio where he is an orthopedic surgery resident and I am a retail manager.  We are planning a May 2, 2009 wedding in Florida.  We live with Abbey and Janie, the loves of our lives, our black labs.

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My proposal was perfect! My best friend was in town visiting me in Chicago.  Steve called me from Philadelphia and said he was going to be able to drive down and hang out with us for a day or two.  He arrived and we all did just that. 

It was August 31, 2007 when he took me to a fantastic dinner and we took a walk along the Chicago river, I started rambling about how awesome Chicago is and how I hope he understood why I needed to move there and blah blah blah outta me, because i thought our talk was going so well i suggested we talk about "love and babies" which was our lil code for future talk and he said, "no, lets not, lets just keep walking " so I got bummed a little and felt like he shut me down, then he turned to me and said... what was it that you wanted to talk about? And me, in a soft defeated voice said "love and babies" and by this point he was on one knee telling me everything that a girl wants to hear from the man that she loves.  I SAID - "shut the F&%$ UP" repeatedly (classy i know) BUT I WAS SOOOO SHOCKED!! when i stopped and saw my ring i realized it was exactly what i wanted (yet had never told him) but what my best friend has always known !

When i regained my composure he said, call your family- they know. Which made me feel so wonderful to know that he had cared enough to include them in our moment.

We then walked to a nearby downtown hotel, where I thought we were going to "celebrate" but as I walked to the front desk he took a sharp right into the hotel restaurant "Shulas", confused I followed him into a room when I heard "Congratulations!!!!" 8 of our friends were waiting to surprise me and congratulate us- Instant Engagement Party, it was amazing and perfect!

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Once we arrived in West Virginia, i was able to stay a day and then had  to get back to school in Florida.  Steve and I maintained our relationship through 4 years of medical school.  We spent every long weekend we could together and made lots of loooong car trips to see the other.

In the midst of my Masters program I decided that i needed to move, i needed to see something new, I packed up my dog and Steve moved Abbey (thats my dog) and I to Chicago.  He stayed in school and finished rotations all over the country.  It was there in Chicago, that we made our commitment to each other for the rest of our lives.....

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Steve and I met while we were working at a restaurant in Tallahassee, Florida.  I was an undergraduate at Florida State University and he was taking a year off between undergrad and med school..... i was a waitress and he was the flirty bar tender.

One thing led to another and we began dating, then as i recall "he broke up w/ me for some other girl" which he is ashamed to admit.  Then another thing led to another fling for us and as he recalls "i broke up with him for some frat guy" which I am ashamed to admit!

Third times the charm!  Then in the summer of 2004 we began to hang out again and the inevitable sparks began to fly between us.  I went home with him one weekend and met his dad, brothers and sisters.  It was on our return trip to Tallahassee from his home that he asked me to drive out to California with him.  This is where he'd be going to med school for the next 4 years.  He suggested we make a road trip out of it and assured me it would be fun!

I called my parents asked them if I could ride across the county with a guy they'd never met and my dad said "Yes, you should see the country, great opportunity etc," grandma  said " NO" haha, but we talked her into it.

Steve and I set off from Tallahassee on July1, 2004 to California, we spent 30 days in his truck together seeing friends in different states, and enjoying all the sights of the country. Telluride,CO, Vegas, Jackson Hole, Park City, L.A, we truly enjoyed every minute.

The Friday before I was to fly home to go back to school, Steve got a call from a Med school in W. Virginia (a better school) and they offered him a seat in the class of 2008.  So we packed up the truck one more time, pulled out of the California Apt and headed BACK across the country.....

At an early point in our trip to California, we knew what was right and that we needed to be together, we've never lost that and to this day we know that we are made for each other.