Jun 05, 2009

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Introducing our wedding album photo 1  Introducing our wedding album photo 3Introducing our wedding album photo 4Introducing our wedding album photo 5 Introducing our wedding album photo 7Introducing our wedding album photo 8Introducing our wedding album photo 9Introducing our wedding album photo 10Introducing our wedding album photo 11Introducing our wedding album photo 12Introducing our wedding album photo 13Introducing our wedding album photo 14Introducing our wedding album photo 15Introducing our wedding album photo 16Introducing our wedding album photo 17Introducing our wedding album photo 18Introducing our wedding album photo 19Introducing our wedding album photo 20Introducing our wedding album photo 21Introducing our wedding album photo 22Introducing our wedding album photo 23Introducing our wedding album photo 24Introducing our wedding album photo 25Introducing our wedding album photo 26Introducing our wedding album photo 27Introducing our wedding album photo 28Introducing our wedding album photo 29   

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This past Saturday was our baby shower (co-ed) and it was such a special day.  The shower was a lovely intimate event and it means so much to see that our little one is already so loved.  My wonderful friend flew in from Seattle to host the event and she did such a fabulous job.  She and I along with DH prepared all the goodies and food ourselves.  Nothing beats homecooking.  Here is a pictorial recap.  :)

Our baby shower photo 1 Parents-to-be.  6 more wks until we meet her!

Our baby shower photo 2 One of my bff's, the fabulous hostess (center)

Our baby shower photo 3 100 diapers for our diaper cake

Our baby shower photo 4 chocolate dipped fortune cookie favors

Our baby shower photo 5 Neopolitan cake

Our baby shower photo 6 I love baking cookies.  A couple of fan favorites - jelly shortbread thumbprints and peanut butter blossoms.

Our baby shower photo 7 Oatmeal raisin and cinammon sugar cookies

Our baby shower photo 8 Homecooking is the best!

Our baby shower photo 9 sangria

Our baby shower photo 10 Posing with the beautiful cake.

Our baby shower photo 11 Time to cut the cake.

Our baby shower photo 12 ready to open the gifts.

Our baby shower photo 13 yaye for bottles so DH can help with feedings.

Our baby shower photo 14 bathtime squirties and teething toys

Our baby shower photo 15 DH isnt quite understanding all the baby items.

Our baby shower photo 16 DH looking confused.

Our baby shower photo 17 We're gonna need a lot of these.

Our baby shower photo 18 

Our baby shower photo 19 We have a big baby in there.  At my 33wk sizing u/s, she was 5lbs and 1oz already!

Our baby shower photo 20

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I have a bunch of items for sale from my June 5th wedding. 

For serious inquiries, please feel free to contact me for further details, pictures, descriptions, etc.  All items are available for local pickup in SF bay area.  Unless otherwise noted, all items may be shipped, please contact me for shipping costs. 

Flowergirl Ivory Rosebud Headband - $8 - SOLD

My FG never ended up wearing this.

Wedding items for sale photo 1Wedding items for sale photo 2


Toni Federici Chapel Length Veil in Diamond White - $120 - SOLD

I ended up wearing this underneath my bun and had 6 inches trimmed off the end. Please pardon the wrinkles in the first picture as it hadn't been pressed yet.

Wedding items for sale photo 3Wedding items for sale photo 4Wedding items for sale photo 5


Baskets (2) used for amenities baskets - $10 for both

Sorry, amenities are not included.

Wedding items for sale photo 6


Tea set includes tea pot, 4 cups and plate used for tea ceremony - $15

For local pickup only in SF bay area.

Wedding items for sale photo 7 


Monique Lhullier 'Jacinda' beaded sash in color 'Cameo' - $450 - SOLD

2½-inch platinum sash with diamante scalloped trim

 Wedding items for sale photo 8Wedding items for sale photo 9


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I am married and back from our honeymoon.  It was so refreshing for us to have this chance for some true quality time together on our honeymoon.  Now that we are back to the real world, I am going through 24/7 hubby withdrawls when we have to part and go to work.  haha. 


Back from honeymoon photo 1

Back from honeymoon photo 2

Back from honeymoon photo 3

Back from honeymoon photo 4

Back from honeymoon photo 5

Back from honeymoon photo 6

Back from honeymoon photo 7

Back from honeymoon photo 8

Back from honeymoon photo 9

Back from honeymoon photo 10



Back from honeymoon photo 11Back from honeymoon photo 12Back from honeymoon photo 13Back from honeymoon photo 14Back from honeymoon photo 15Back from honeymoon photo 16Back from honeymoon photo 17Back from honeymoon photo 18

Back from honeymoon photo 19

Back from honeymoon photo 20

Back from honeymoon photo 21

Back from honeymoon photo 22

Back from honeymoon photo 23Back from honeymoon photo 24Back from honeymoon photo 25Back from honeymoon photo 26Back from honeymoon photo 27Back from honeymoon photo 28Back from honeymoon photo 29Back from honeymoon photo 30Back from honeymoon photo 31Back from honeymoon photo 32Back from honeymoon photo 33


And to see a video of our gorgeous over-the-water suite, check it out:

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... and we are going to Dubai and Maldives!  With only 10 more days until our big day, we finally decided to take a honeymoon.  We leave 5 days after the wedding and I am soooo excited.  This will be our time for some MUCH needed relaxation.

Dubai - Mina A'Salam at Madinat Jumeirah for 2 nights

Honeymoon is booked photo 1

Maldives - Anantara Resort Dhigu for 7 nights

Honeymoon is booked photo 2

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It was so freezing, but we had a lot of fun on our e-session with Anna Kuperberg.  We are so super thrilled she is shooting our wedding.  Here are some e-pic highlights.

I can't take how cute my little baby, Sparkle looks with her messy hair. 

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 1

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 2 

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 3


Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 4

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 5

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 6

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 7

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 8

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 9

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 10

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 11

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 12

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 13

Our e session with Anna Kuperberg photo 14