Sep 18, 2010

Petal Pushers
( 0.2 / 5.0 )
Petal Pushers was such a disappointment. They came recommended by the wedding venue we were using for my son's wedding. (they've since dropped them from their list of recommended florists!). We worked with "Wendee" and it was a disaster from the word go. She was so lax in replying to e-mails. Sometimes weeks would go by. We met with Wendee to discuss flowers and budget. Figured out what we wanted and waited....for TEN days for a quote. Finally had to get the wedding venue involved to get our quote. :(

I was so concerned they simply would not show up the day of the wedding. They did show up and brought some flowers arranged but the rest were left in buckets for ME (mother of the groom) to arrange. This was not what I paid for or discussed with the florist (Wendee). I even had an e-mail from her saying "I will be there to arrange the flowers". This was so upsetting to me. THis was part of my gift to my son and his new wife (the flowers).I paid over $1500 and did not get what I paid for. Apparently, "Wendee'....the dreaded florist who worked for Petal Pushers decided to up and quit days before the wedding. All the info we had discussed as far as the arrangements and bouquets was in her head and very little was on paper.

The wedding coordinator came to the rescue and managed to do the rest of the flower arranging...including making a halo of flowers for our flower girl. (this was on the order....then mysteriously disappeared). The bouquets were not what we talked about. We asked for little or no white flowers...but got almost completely white bouquets. The centerpieces were not what we talked something totally different.

I contacted Petal Pushers the day after the wedding expressing my disappointment. She was very apologetic but offered no partial refund or any sort of compensation. The apology was very appreciated but I think she should have offered to refund some of the $1500 that I paid. I didn't get what I paid for.

It really was upsetting and that is not what you want on such a special day. I was near tears. If it weren't for the wedding coordinator assuring me she would take care of it and to handle PP later (monday after the wedding) I would have had a meltdown.

I'm sure the company will be better off without Wendee but what a shame that they've made such a mess of their business. I feel that Stacey should have been monitoring what was happening. She had no clue. I paid the price. :(

I am shocked to read all these positive comments from others. It's like I was working with a totally different company than the rest of the people on here....and that makes the entire situation feel worse for me. I really just don't want anyone else to go through what we did. There are many good florists in the Austin area.
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