Aug 08, 2008

White Aisle
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
This will likely be my only truly negative review about a vendor that I used for my wedding. Unfortunately for me, I had not stumbled across the reviews on this site before putting in my order for programs, menus, table cards and placecards. Boy I wish I had. I completely agree with others that Rebecca is an excellent designer with great taste. She was able to put together a proof of my design within a few days and was willing to keep changing little things with the design until it was exactly right. However, when I finally got the finished materials in the mail, I found a couple of them had been damaged by bad packaging (some tape got stuck to the programs, tearing part of the paper off) and some of them just suffered from poor quality printing - letters were smudged over or were partly missing. Some were better than others, but they truly looked like something I could have printed from my home printer. We also counted the number of each of the things we ordered. We found out we were short 2 programs (and 8 were damaged, so we were short a total of 10), and we were also short 2 menu cards. In addition, the table cards were not printed in the color I had intended for them to be printed - the website is not so user-friendly, so there was a misunderstanding between what was entered in the website and what I finally wrote in an email to confirm the entire order. The placecards were fine, thank goodness. When I wrote back to ask for the missing/damaged materials to be re-printed, Rebecca told me that I would need to send back the damaged programs. I had no problem with that but I did not want to send them out before I received the new programs. She refused to re-print the table cards which had the wrong font color. I thought that was slightly stingy considering there were only 16 of them with no personal information, and I had been pretty clear in the email what font color I had wanted. I would have hoped she would have checked with me on that if there was a discrepancy between the website order and my email confirmation. I eventually told her I would keep them because it was way too close to the wedding for me to be looking for another printer. She told me that I would receive the remaining programs/menu cards that weekend. I waited, nothing came. I emailed early the next week. No response. I emailed again. No response. Finally, near the end of the week, I told her that I had two days left to receive the materials before I would be leaving for the wedding the following Monday. She got back to me then saying that they had left the store and would arrive any moment. On Saturday night, with no package in sight, I emailed to ask for a refund. She emailed me back to say that a package had been received by my concierge service. When I glanced at the name she sent it to, I realized the package had been addressed to a different person! She obviously didn't notice that a different name was put on the package. When I emailed her back to apprise her of this mistake and further ask for my refund, she told me that maybe I could ask the concierge service to forward them to me at my wedding site!! She also reiterated that I should send back the damaged programs before she would process my refund. I ended up calling my concierge service as soon as they opened Monday morning and retrieving the programs/menu cards 10 minutes before getting into my car to go to the airport for my wedding! It was the most unbelievably terrible experience. Like others, I feel compelled to warn all future brides about this vendor's complete lack of professionalism and customer service.
Services used: Favors & Gifts, Invitations

Auntie B's Bakery
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Yay, Auntie B. She is such a sweet lady. She was recommended by our wedding venue, and we soon discovered that she had baked the cake for my brother-in-law's wedding and for our florist's wedding. We couldn't go wrong. First, her cakes are very light and delicious. Second, she offered for us to come back a second time for a tasting because we hadn't yet decided which flavors we wanted. Third, we were able to pick three different flavors for each of the layers of cake. Fourth, although her pricing isn't the cheapest in Sonoma county, they weren't as sky-high as some other bakers. Lastly, the cake was on-time and looked beautiful.
Services used: Wedding Cake

Trentadue Winery
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We had our wedding at Trentadue on 8/8/08. It was absolutely beautiful!! The grapes were on the vine, flowers were in bloom, the sky was clear, redwoods shielded the ceremony area. Just perfect. This is definitely a venue that does not require a lot of decoration or extra flowers. Donna is the Events Manager at Trentadue, and she definitely knows her stuff. She was able to answer just about every question we had. The only negatives we found with this property were: 1. A little on the pricey side - we paid $7K for a Friday wedding. I believe prices have since gone up. 2. Although a day of coordinator (really just a winery representative) is included in the venue price, you meet this person the day of the wedding - we'd asked to meet this person before the wedding, but were told we couldn't. Finally, as a quick warning - the winery is pretty far north of SF in Alexander Valley, which made it hard for our guests to make it on time for our ceremony because of commuter traffic (and Olympic Games protests) - although, I have to say that we did warn our guests about this... All in all, a great venue.
Services used: Wedding Venue

Pacific Connection Catering
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
What can I say - Rob and Donna are great! Donna cooks amazing food and Rob is great at customer service. We also worked a lot with Kevin, who was our Maitre D' at the wedding. All around a great team to work with. It can be hard to pick a catering company, but we thought PacConn had by far the best food and pricing. Rob worked with us to create a proposal and menu that we were comfortable paying for and was available every step along the way to answer any questions we had. Kevin was also very helpful in advising us on last minute details. The day of our wedding, we were lucky that we were the only wedding they had that day, so we got the full attention of the company - Kevin and Rob were around to make sure things went smoothly. What we liked best was that the servers were not intrusive - we didn't even notice them around - but they were attentive. I never had an empty glass in hand the entire evening. I'm only sad that I didn't get to enjoy all of the good food that night because we were too busy running around!
Services used: Catering