Sep 24, 2011

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Machs Party Studio
( 3.2 / 5.0 )
We had Phyllis as our wedding coordinator, emcee, and she also had a DJ. Pros: She's responsive on emails, tries to be flexible on meetings, was a good emcee as she spoke both english and mandarin, and was organized. Cons: She was supposed to be at the ceremony 90 minutes before but decided to come 60 minutes before and as a result, vendor set ups were not checked properly (ie. our projector was only visible to half of our guests, place settings were not put out in time delaying placement of favors), my father's boutinierre wasn't delivered so my brother (a groomsmen) had to rush looking for him to get it on before the ceremony, she was supposed to make sure the bride looks like "most beautiful bride ever" and that "all members of wedding party are picture perfect" but didn't instruct us about putting my veil back during the ceremony so it was on until I had to put it back myself, and didn't note that my bustle was on properly resulting in me trying not to trip on it during my first dance. These are things that a coordinator is supposed to be paying attention to. I don't think she was able to juggle the coordinating and emceeing as well as she should have since all these things went wrong. Overall the experience was average. At her pricing, we should have had better quality of service.
Services used: DJ, Wedding Planning
Machs Party Studio
Dear Annie: It was my great pleasure to be part of your wedding. I regret that you were not completely satisfied with our service and I have responded all issues in detail with you in prior responses. As you are aware now there were misunderstandings on some of the issues. We had 4 staffs on the day of your wedding working to make sure everything went smoothly. I just like to clarify the issues you have mentioned were not results of us not having enough staff to service your wedding. We emphasize on the quality of our work and strive for perfection on every wedding that we work with. We had all the intention in making this day a perfect one for you. I will take your comments to heart and adding it to my experience in benefiting future couples. Best Wishes!

( 2.0 / 5.0 )
I wouldn't recommend this venue like many other reviewers. The catering manager, Crystal Kelly, is very difficult to get in touch with and does NOT pay attention to details. She is very nice and friendly in person and promises to take note of things and then either forgets or doesn't follow through with ther promises. For example, she sent us a different couples menu and made multiple typos/mistakes on our banquet event order form which is the most important document in the wedding! She even admitted that when I would call her and say my first name she wasn't sure if I was the correct bride since there was another one with the same wedding date and name, but she was "embarrassed" or "felt bad" to ask my last name. Well a catering manager should not be afraid to confirm which bride she is talking to considering the risk of HUGE mistake potentials if she got us switched. What kind of manager does that??
Also, one of their dishes, the sea cucumber/abalone was horrible, multiple guests did not like the taste. We also had 14 cases of stomachaches, vomiting, and diarrhea in our guest later that night and into the morning. Guests ranged in age from 21 to 85. We are not sure if there was food poisoning or what but it happened to multiple people in mutiple tables. But, because we didn't have anyone go to the hospital or doctor because they pretty much vomitted/diarrhea'ed it out, we could not make a case for ourselves and they legally could not admit guilt. Needless to say, that left a bad feeling with us the day after the wedding and as we were on our honeymoon.
The only pro is that this is a beautiful venue for the ceremony if you have it in the outdoor gazebo. They have a tent and multiple ballrooms for the reception which are also nice depending on how you decorate it. But, because of the horrible, unprofessional staff and food issues, I do NOT recommend having a wedding here if you want things to be unstressful and go as planned.
Services used: Wedding Venue

Taek Photography
( 4.2 / 5.0 )
Taek is a great photographer. He made both of us feel comfortable during both engagement sessions and wedding. He has a gentle personality and is very approachable which is good because he has to capture the best in a lot of people. He is flexible on pricing and locations of photo shoots. So far the engagement photos turned out beautiful. We are still waiting on the wedding photos but pretty sure they will come out great!
Services used: Photography