May 08, 2009

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We decided to go a whole other route when my husband decided to create the cake himself! I showed him around 4 or 5 different photos and he took different things he liked from each one to create our cake! Our baker was Michelle from Michelles Cake House in La Habra that was featured on Platinum weddings!

My Cake photo 1My Cake photo 2My Cake photo 3My Cake photo 4My Cake photo 5

We had THE most amazing wedding and I am so happy to officially be MRS C! I love my husband so much! I could not have asked for anything more....


We are MARRIED photo 1We are MARRIED photo 2We are MARRIED photo 3We are MARRIED photo 4We are MARRIED photo 5We are MARRIED photo 6We are MARRIED photo 7

We are MARRIED photo 8

We are MARRIED photo 9We are MARRIED photo 10We are MARRIED photo 11We are MARRIED photo 12We are MARRIED photo 13We are MARRIED photo 14We are MARRIED photo 15We are MARRIED photo 16

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My MOH and BM put these together! So CUTE!

Bachelorette Party Invites photo 1

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I don't mind if you use pictures or inspirations from my bio, but please give credit where credit is do, and I will do the same for you.... Thanks!!!!

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I decided to go with a light and airy chiffon dress in espresso brown by Alfred Angelo, it took me a while to find a dress that would look good on everyone.... I also have a bridesmaid that will be due May 10th 2 days after the wedding so this dress will look great on her whether she has the baby before or after the wedding.... Her and I are hoping for before the wedding ;)

Bridesmaids Attire photo 1 

Bridesmaids Attire photo 2