Sep 05, 2009

Beverly Harris Weddings & Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
After an 11-year courtship and a career move across the country, my long time love and I were ready to tie the knot. Only problem was, that I would be planning our California nuptials while living in Alabama at the time. Yikes! Still determined to have the wedding we always wanted, we booked a flight back to the West Coast and hit the ground running. From wedding expos to bridal boutiques we searched for potential vendors. But what was supposed to be an exciting experience, quickly turned into one of the most stressful moments of my life! Who would help me coordinate? Was I choosing the right caterer, DJ, Videographer, etcetera? Not wanting to throw this huge responsibility on any family member or friend, the idea of hiring someone to help us seemed like the solution. That is when I came across a postcard my Mom had picked up at a bridal expo a week before my trip back home. The words “Leave It To Me” never sounded sweeter and the timing, of course, could not have been better.

From the first moment I spoke with Beverly Harris I felt at ease. She was so prepared and took meticulous notes of everything we envisioned our day to be then gave us her honest feedback. She even went out of her way to help us find a DJ and a Videographer. She was so savvy and resourceful we hired her to handle the details of our nuptials for “the day of”.
When one thinks of a “day of” wedding coordinator, you may think of someone who mainly hands the checks over to the vendor. Not the case with Beverly. If I would have to choose one quality about her, it would be her passion. Yes she is professional and creative, not to mention classy. But what meant the most was that she poured her heart into every phone call, email, meeting and task pertaining to our wedding. Whether it was taking time to listen to my overly ambitious ideas or to send me a reminder, she went above and beyond every step of the way.
And let me tell you, our wedding was a doozy, over 250 guests and a 22 person bridal party!
But Beverly handled it with such grace. I have lost count of how many compliments we received from our guests about how smoothly everything went. Leave It To Me Events was on top of every element, but in a non-intrusive type of way. Anyone else could have easily decided to do the minimum because, after all, they were hired to just be a “day of” wedding coordinator. But not Beverly, that is not who she is and I am sure I am not the first to take notice.

I will admit, there are moments where I catch myself wondering what I would have done differently if we could have done it all over again. You know, danced longer, taken this photo or played that song. Either way one thing has remained without question. If we ‘did’ do it all over again, Beverly Harris would have to be there to help make it happen.

A much deserved thank you to Beverly and the Leave It To Me Events team for all their hard work and dedication towards making our fairytale wedding come true. There is no way we could have done it without them!

It is my pleasure to extend my recommendation for Leave It To Me Events!
Sincerely, Diana Guevara
Services used: Wedding Planning