Jul 30, 2011

♥“Love isn't finding someone you can live with; it's finding someone you can't live without” ~ Unknown♥
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Here are the dresses that my gorgeous MOH and Bridesmaid will be wearing. 

The pics do them NO ZERO NADA justice. They look NOTHING like the real thing. Oh well. They're fittings are soon and I'll get the actual photos. 

My girls will be in Apple Green

MOH - dress on the left

Pretty Ladies photo 1

Bridesmaid - green with Ivory Sash - Dress on the right

Pretty Ladies photo 2


My beautiful sister Gemma (MOH)


My gorgeous BEST FRIEND Abi in her dress...

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My invites are STILL not entirly together but here is the base. Will add pics when I add the inserts and bling.

There will be our monogram on the front (in the green square)

****UPDATE**** I have added the pics of the finished FINAL product!!! ♥♥♥ them so much. Now to actually glue them all together and get them OUT!!!! I'm So proud of the way they turned out. I cant believe that i did them....

Invitations photo 1Invitations photo 2Invitations photo 3Invitations photo 4


Here are the template for them as well....

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 It arrived today 04.04.11 woooooooooooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone who has bbeen flooloeing my wedding takle will know that I have pretty much changed my mind on EVERYTHING so far…. So why in the world would my veil be ANY different???? Not a fingertip OR birdcage...lol FULL ON LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG CATHEDRAL COVERED in Bling!!!! Welcome to Lorna’s Big fat OTT change every second wedding lol BUT I ♥LOVE♥ it!!!

GOT MY VEIL photo 1

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Our spare room is currently "wedding central". My OCD FI has been very patient with all the mess andd madness as long as its contained to one place ♥♥♥ Hopefully it will get better soon lol

Why my FI might kill me lol photo 1Why my FI might kill me lol photo 2Why my FI might kill me lol photo 3Why my FI might kill me lol photo 4

Why my FI might kill me lol photo 5Why my FI might kill me lol photo 6Why my FI might kill me lol photo 7

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Here is the "Tears of Joy" label. i will post pics once its printed and atached to the actual tissue envelopes that my FI so lovingly helped me stuff. Thats when you know you have a keeper lol ♥Some of my DIY stationary photo 1


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I found my hair inspiration. I have been trying to figure out exactly what I want to do. My FI loves my hair down and curly but a hot July wedding and my curls make a big frizzy mess. So I know it needs to be straighter in the front and pinned a bit. I came across Heidsmu33 via a friend and fell in love. Such a gorgeous bride with the perfect hair.

Thanks to Alliesauce  and LauraSweet for helping me find her so I can give credit where credit is 100% due.

I showed the pics to my hairdresser and she said its 100% doable. Maybe add some extensions or a hair piece to oomph  it up a bit and we are ready to go ♥


PW Hair Inspiration photo 1PW Hair Inspiration photo 2PW Hair Inspiration photo 3PW Hair Inspiration photo 4


Isnt she gorgeous??


here is the reality based on my inspiration....