Jul 30, 2011

♥“Love isn't finding someone you can live with; it's finding someone you can't live without” ~ Unknown♥
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My first attempt at an inspiration board...Not great but ok lol


♥UPDATE♥  :::::JANUARY 2012:::::

♥Reality Board

♥Bridal Board

♥TRUE Love Board

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147 days to go and seriously shortening hte list..............

I have actually managed to get quite a lot of stuff done. And will post pics soon. Promise!!!

PICS posted YEAH!!!!

 Finally finished the basic assembly of the invites. Just waiting for the printed inserts and then they will be compete and ready to go. Went to the post office on Thursday and discovered they weigh more than expected and will be $1.25 (plus the RSVP stamp) to post,. FI not pleased…lol oh well. I bought my stamps and was very happy that they have orchids on them and are pink so they tie in perfectly and it wasn’t even planned. Yeah me!!!!  


I have made a serious start on the centerpieces but am going on a road trip to “Michaels” on Sunday (we don’t have one in Quebec)  to pick up all the final things for them, as well as the bouquet holders and bouquet stuff. I am also going to go get my favor boxes. Wee wanted to add a bit of “Scottish” to the wedding and I decided to do that using Scottish candy. I found a place that ordered some yummy Scottish bonbons (toffee goodness) and we will give those out.

:::EDIT::: Here is a pic of the finished favors. metal boxes from "Michaels" filled with strawberry and caramel bonbons. Everyone LOVEd them. So delicious mmmmmmmmm


Saturday I have an appointment at the hotel and I’m bringing our “decorator” so we can get an idea of lighting ETC and what we want done and the almighty “how much will it all cost” I’m afraid but excited lol…story of my life hahaha


FI and I finished stuffing the “tears of Joy” envelopes and once the stickers are printed they will be complete.


Noticing a “printing” trend? I’m waiting for all the finalized profs of the inserts, labels, stickers etc and also waiting to find out if I will have to get them printed for me at a UPS store etc or if my friend will be getting her new printer and doing it for me….patience…lol


I ordered an amazing floor decal from etsy (http://www.etsy.com/listing/56151446/wedding-monogram-initial-dance-floor)

That will have our monogram on it.





 Shortening the list 145 days to go photo 1




 Here is the complete "personalised" version of our "Wedding Tree"


I also ordered my “Hair & Makeup” tank top. In a nice bright pink. I haven’t received it yet, but there’s no rush for that.

Shortening the list 145 days to go photo 3


Etsy is such an amazing resource. Its unbelievable. Something are crazy expensive but on the most part I’ve had success.


and FINALLY our "I DO" cards to go on the back of our vows. Really happy with the way they turned out


Not a very pic heavy entry especially considering I actually have stuff finished, but I will update asap.





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So I’ve been back and forth with the table number thing. It was going to be table “names”, the just plain numbers (with the orchids from the invite etc…, then it was going to be photos of us (FI & I) at the age of the table number still think it’s a super cute idea but WA to much work trying to find the photos) so now we are going to get a friend to take pics of us holding up the numbers and put them into blinged out painted IKEA frames. I saw the kissing holding numbers pics somewhere and for the life of me cannot find them now or credit the idea (if it was even a PW bride…terrible eh? Sorry…)

I’ll put the pics when there taken and show the end result. In the meantime if I do find my original inspiration, I will post it….


Again totally changed the concept. Decided to go with simple elegant table #s that matched the rest of the stationary. Really happy with the way they turned out. They were displayed in a simple clear frame.


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Just ordered this GORGEOUS necklace from Etsy seller "Something Jeweled"


I ♥♥♥ it and cant wait for it to arrive. I'm sure it will look so nice with my dress and add a little elegant bling to the look. Always good to have something pretty for everyone to see when my backs to them during the ceremony ♥

Bridal Bling photo 1

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Here are my monograms made for me by my AMAZING friend Gen.

Monogram Magic photo 1Monogram Magic photo 2Monogram Magic photo 3Monogram Magic photo 4

Monogram Magic photo 5



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My Inner Bride comes out to play photo 1