Jul 30, 2011

♥“Love isn't finding someone you can live with; it's finding someone you can't live without” ~ Unknown♥
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So my original wedding colors were fuchsia and green…this hasn’t changed at all but the green I had a originally wanted was a shamrock type green, unfortunately when we went bridesmaid dress shopping we couldn’t find a dress that the girls liked in any shade relatively close to what I wanted so we decided on an apple green. Which is gorgeous with the fuchsia. Unfortunately (again) I have already ordered all my stationary …good times…so my invites are a lovely dark grassy green which in no way ties in with the “now” wedding…I can change it up for favor cards etc and do the fuchsia/ apple thing then. I realize that its my OCD personality that this bothers me and chances are no one is going to notice this detail at all and I doubt anyone will be holding the invite and making any comparisons…they better not anyway haha

I’m happy that I can make it work and am exited to get some more things of the dreaded list…


The color of love ♥ photo 1The color of love ♥ photo 2




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Our Music photo 1

I’m still trying to figure out all the music for the day & night

And finalise the no play list....

Here is what I have so far (I have also included the links so you can hear them...)


Ceremony ~

Bridesmaid procession – "Nothign Else Matters"- Apocolyptica ::UPDATE::: I got MAD props from all the guys that attended for a"allowing" metallica music in the ceremony....It was my idea but I smiled and acted liek a sweet little wife lol 


Bride Procession – “This I promise you” ~ Ronan Keating

Recessional – “Feels like home” ~ Chantal Kreviazuk

Reception ~

Bridal  Party Intros – Not sure yet... "on the floor" - Jloe and PittBull

First Dance Bride & Groom – “Still the one” ~ Shania Twain

Father/ Daughter Dance – “I loved her first” ~ Heartland

Mother/Son Dance – “The Prayer” ~ Celine Dion/Andrea Bocceli

Bouquet Toss- What I really wnated was "Move bitch" by Ludacris...but got vetoes as it was inappropriate....kinda regret not doing it though....“Its raining Men” ~ Weather Girls  "One way or another" - Blondie

Garter Toss – “Another one bites the dust” ~ Queen

Cake Cutting – “Pour some sugar on me” –Def Leppard


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I would like to introduce my favourite people in the whole world

My darling fiancé and I (in one I have a feather in my hair, not random weird hair puff lol)

My Men photo 1 

My Men photo 2

My Men photo 3


Destined for Love and great thinds!!! We are a conflict of interest but absolute perfection. DH is the Eastern Transportation Manager for UPS and I do Quality Assurance for FedEX Ground lol Interesting combo hehehe


love forever♥

And my favourite favourite people....my gorgeous little boys

They are 8 and 6 ½

My Men photo 4 My Men photo 5

They are going to look soooooooo amazing  in their little tuxes. They are my greatest achievements and are my entire universe.

My Men photo 6

***EDIT*** New School pics of my boys 2011-2012 School year (proud mama here lol)


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Its January!!! my wedding is THIS year people!!!!!




Okay here we go...

Flowers arrived

Paper for invites arrived

Invites started...SO much stuff to put together. Pocket fold, mat, invite, RSVP, RSVP envelope, Address RSVP envelope, direction card, monogram background, monogram paper....it’s INSANE. But I have got it started now. Will take some pics when I have printed out the inserts. SO excited.

Shoes- ARRIVED today

Hair piece – ARRIVED today

Picking up vases and lights for centerpieces next week.

Going to look at dresses with my lovely girls on Saturday...


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I will be making my own centrepieces and am very excited about it. A little nervous but more excited lol

I have bought silk fuschia flowers from www.afloral.com (amazing by the way). I found these pics on weddingbee and fell in love with it.

I will be putting the vase on a mirror plate and will also have an LED light base under each one. Should look beautiful and create a nice ambiance. I will also have green glass beads at the bottom rather than black ones.

Im hoping to get started within the next 2 weeks. Just waiting for the vases. Im still seeking a deal ;)

Wish me luck ♥

Centerpieces photo 1Centerpieces photo 2

****UPDATE**** I have actually decided to go a COMPLETELY different way with the centerpieces. As much as I truly love these ones they ended up not being the exact vision I had one i put it all together. Will put our actual ones up soon ♥ The ones i did are really similar but not exact....

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My amazing friend is making our wedding cake and it will be fit for a princess. Im so excited to see the finished product. She is going to make the cake in our fuschia so when we cut into it, it will be awesome. She has already told me that i have to help make thousands of royal icing flowers with her. oh well, will be a labour of love ♥ 



***UPDATE*** well that never happened lol.... we decided to go the cupcake route for transportation purposes as well as no cake cutting fees. I LOVED them and they were made by the same friend who was going to make the cake above. Added bonus was that she enjoyed making the cupcakes rather than stressing out over the cake.


Also the cake topper was a gift from my sister in Scotland who wasn’t able to attend, so it was GREAT having something to represent her so prominent on display AND I collect these bears so its added to my collection...YEAH!!!!