Jul 30, 2011

♥“Love isn't finding someone you can live with; it's finding someone you can't live without” ~ Unknown♥
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Time to tell you a little bit about our venue.

I had originally wanted to have the wedding in front of my house. I live in a lovely cul-de-sac with a huge green space in the middle. My parents moved away a couple of years ago and my fiancé and I bought there house. So it’s the house I grew up in. I’ve known the neighbors since I was 9 years old and it seemed just perfect. That is until the city told me I had to invite ½ the town to the wedding as I couldn’t have a private event on public property and I had to create a “street party” environment. Not so much. So there went that idea.

I then decided to do it at a hotel. Pretty location, garden for the ceremony everything in one location lie I wanted. Perfect. I’m very happy with the place that we chose but I became even happier yesterday when I received a call from the event coordinator. She informed me that the hotel had just been bough out by the Sheraton and there are HUGE renovations being done on the hotel effective immediately but 100% completion by mid May (plenty of time before July 30th…), the gardens are being redone with ponds and waterfalls, an arch way filled with flowers for when I walk down the aisle, new ball rooms, a full spa, etc etc etc and since I already signed my contract…no new billing at pretty much double the cost!!!! SCORE!!!! I am ecstatic. I can’t wait to see the changes and fully benefit from it all. Woohoo!!!!

I’m still sad that I wasn’t able to have my initial venue choice but more than happy with the service I have received already and everything that is to come.


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A bit of history before the story of the bling.

My fiancé’s name is Michal. He and I have both been married before. I am on very good terms with my ex. It was a marriage that probably shouldn’t have happened but it did and we have no regrets. We had 2 beautiful little boys together (now aged 8 and 6 ½ ). We have moved on and are both in a better and happier place with people that 100% suit us better.

My first wedding was beautiful but it was planned fast and I didn’t really know what I was doing or really care about the details. Plus I found out I was pregnant so we moved the date up 6 months and I had to change all my plans….I didn’t have my dream dress, dream venue, dream anything so this time I’m doing it right. Damned be anyone that dares judge me lol and trust me there are a few…but I don’t care this is OUR day and no one elses!!!!


Mike was also married; unfortunately his didn’t end quite so well. Lots of problems and drama and…and..and… so when we started dating and he told me that he had no intention of ever getting married again I totally understood.


When he sat me down last year and told me how he was happier than he had ever been and that he loved me more than anything and that he had changed his mind…..I couldn’t believe it. It meant so much more to me than a “normal” proposal. He had his get out of jail free card and chose not to use it. We have fought SO hard to be together on so may levels and sacrificed so much that I know we are meant to be. He is ½ of my heart.

We were out shopping and DH brought me into a really nice jewelry store to get his (very fancy) watch cleaned and I was looking around at the different jewelry. He brought me to the rings and asked me which ones I liked the most. I looked at a few and the sales girl came and asked me if I wanted to see them out of the case. DH said yes and I happily obliged. I narrowed it down to  about 3 that I loved one was crazy big and very fancy but not really my style and WAY out of price range even in a fantasy lol  but there was one that just kept grabbing my attention. I loved the unique shape and the style of it. It was nicer than anything I had every seen and I loved it. I told him that was the one and the sales rep said to him “oh my god, I can’t believe you picked the right one” then slapped her hand against her mouth. He had been in the day before and spent about 3 hours looking at all the rings and trying to decide which one to get for me and that was the one he loved the most and came really close to buying it. I guess technically I chose it but if he had gone with his gut then he would have lol. We 100% chose it together. Which is how we make all our decisions. So kinda perfect!!!


For Christmas we also got our bands. 7 months before we can actually wear them ♥

Mine matches the ring and Mike’s is made of Tungsten and platinum (weird) its gorgeous though. Will try to remember to post actual pics of the rings later. The ones I’m adding are from the website.

My Engagement Ring

18kt white gold s engagement ring is set with a round solitaire diamond and features a pave of small full cut diamonds (5 on either side of the main diamond) and 10 tiny diamonds making the “crown” – I don’t know what that parts called so I named it the crown lol


My wedding band

18kt white gold ring features 15 round cut diamonds, with a total carat weight of .15, color grade GH and clarity grade VS.


****UPDATE*** Here is a pic of my hubby to be's ring. I ♥ it


::::Update again::::

wearing our rings..... July 30th 2012

The prettiest shackles in the world lol but noone I would rather be shackled to for life ♥

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I think I may have mentioned in my previous posts that I tend to jump into things quickly so I don’t get to many choices/opinions in my head.

I just ordered my “headpiece”...a gorgeous ivory flower and feather fascinator. I got it on Etsy from brendasbridalveils

I’m not sure what kind of veil to go with. I was thinking about going with a birdcage veil either netting or tulle but don’t really know. I think when I go for my first fitting of the dress I will get a better idea of what will look best.

Fascinating fascinator photo 1



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So that’s me less than 7 months till the big day. To say I’m excited would be the understatement of the century.

I’m in full planning and getting it done mode and fear that I have exhausted everyone I know talking about the wedding. I’m actually starting to annoy myself a little bit. I put myself on a 2 week, no wedding talk diet lol but now that its over I am full on bride to be..


I’m very excited to announce that I just got an email notifying me that my invitations were just delivered to my house wooohoooo cant wait to get in and see them. I say invitations but that’s an exaggerated version f a box full of different colored paper and envelopes that have to be printed, cut, stuck, embossed and embellished but WHO CARES there Heeeeeerrrrreeeeee anf I can finally get out of bride limbo and start something.

I have a room at the house (see page "why FI might kill me...) full of silk flowers to be made into centerpieces and bouquets with no vases, bouquet holders or ribbon. I have favor boxes and bags with nothing to put in them and a million other “in progress” projects. Since its DIY madness I cant wait to get started and know that I have more than enough time to get it going but its nice to finally have something to play with that will soon look like what its actually supposed to be.


What else…

I have been looking for my shoes. Fuschia heeled sandals and have found a few things I like but nothing I’m willing to commit to at this point in time.


I’m still undecided about my veil choices. Birdcage and fingertip are my final choices or nothing at all. I found a gorgeous flower father fascinator on Etsy that will be a part of the final look.


I’m kind of all over the place here I realize lol …getting excited as I type.

Anyway. I will be posting some pics soon and can’t wait to share.



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As excited as I was to get the dress I am almost as excited about the shoes

I have decided to go with a pop of color and wear fuschia shoes. As mentioned before I will have a fuschia ribbon tying my dress so it should look nice together.

I have found a few pairs that I like but nothing that’s screaming at me …yet….I love the last pair (white) but don’t know if there dyable because of the knot feature...

Here are a few that I liked….

my first love ♥…shoes photo 1my first love ♥…shoes photo 2my first love ♥…shoes photo 4my first love ♥…shoes photo 5

UPDATE**** 01/07 - Getting the first pair lol Thought about them all night. Ordering them from Zappos tomorrow...woohoooo 1 more thing down :) Yeah!!!!


UPDATE AGAIN!!!01/18 -  Got my shoooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss today. SO HAPPY. There perfection. Absolutely fabulous. Will post pics soon

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So ever since I sad YES the dress in December I have been crazy excited about what’s to come. It was an amazing experience that I will remember forever.

It was kind of an impromptu event simply to see what silhouette would look the best on me.

My requirements were

  1. I look amazing (lol)
  2. it not have a dropped waist
  3. it not be fitted
  4. it not be mermaid or trumpet
  5. it not be overly poofy or cake topperish (yes..those are real words hehe)


im not a size 2 bride and have come to realizes that unless I want to be miserable for the next 7 months by starving to death and possibly fainting as I walk down the aisle…I’m not going to be a size 2 bride. When I got to the shop I tried on 3 dress that were strapless, pretty and A-line and was happy with what I saw. Then I tried on THE dress. My friend gave it to me and said to try it even though it was trumpet style, almost dropped waist and definitely fitted. And tada surprise surprise  I ♥ it!!!

I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt when I put it on myself. It was almost an out of body experience lol

I felt curvy and sexy and beautiful. Marilyn Monroe at her prime lol when I saw the tears in my friends’ eyes I knew they felt the same and decided that I didn’t need to try on anything else. Too many options make me confused as you will learn over the next few months.

I stayed composed until I called my fiancé to let him know I had found the dress and that’s when I burst into tears.

The owner of the store was so nice and so helpful. She made a comment about how confident I was with my curves (is that a nice way of saying I’m fat?? Lol) and how I embrace my body and want to show it off……lol… not me but for some reason the dress does for me.

I’m ecstatic.


So the dress is

La Sposa Fanal. She will be in Ivory and instead of the button up back that I custom for the dress.  Will be putting in a corset back with fuschia lace up to match my fuschia shoes. I think it will look amazing and will 100% reflect me.  


***EDIT I didn’t end up doing the lace up or buttons in Fuschia. Got scared that it wouldn’t turn out right and kept my beauty as she was inteneted to be. Still kinda wish I had gone for it but still happy with the end results***


I’ll add a couple of pics of the dress. I didn’t look great when I went to try it (as I said …really really didn’t think I was going to actually find and buy something). It will also look much nicer when it fits me rather than being about 3 sizes to small. But I don’t care cause I love it and cant stop looking at the photos. The train n the back is amazing. It comes from the side rather than the middle and its just classic. Can you feel my excitement through the net??

I’m hoping to lose some weight and tone before the wedding but definitely not down to the afore mentioned  size 2….I wouldn’t be able to afford the alternations if I did hahaha

The dress photo 1The dress photo 2

 Feb 2011 - UPDATE ~ This is trivial info that excites me greatly. My dress was the one that Finns mom wore for the wedding on "GLEE"!!!!! I am "Glee" obsessed so this info made me very happy lol Im a total gleek haha

She wears a bolero type thing with it so thats how I missed it the first time I watched it.