Jul 30, 2011

♥“Love isn't finding someone you can live with; it's finding someone you can't live without” ~ Unknown♥
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♥ Groomsmen Boutonnière Inspiration photo 1

♥ Groomsmen Boutonnière Inspiration photo 2♥ Groomsmen Boutonnière Inspiration photo 3

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I know I want the girls to carry Calla Lilies...Just not sure how many and if I want a bouqet or a single flower with a ribbon....

♥ Bridesmaid Bouquet Inspiration photo 1

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I ♥LOVE♥ Calla Lilies and Orchids. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted as far as flower went for the bouquets, centerpieces etc but knew that these where the flowers I wanted to center everything around….

♥ Bouquet Inspiration photo 1♥ Bouquet Inspiration photo 2♥ Bouquet Inspiration photo 3

♥♥♥Bouquet REALITY♥♥♥

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As mentioned, I had so many ideas of what I wanted for my wedding gown and ended up going COMPLETELY against what I thought I wanted.

The 2 dresses I was 100% getting lol

♥ What I wanted Vs What I got photo 1♥ What I wanted Vs What I got photo 2



What I got...

♥ What I wanted Vs What I got photo 3

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SHE’S HERE!!!!! My gorgeous dress has finally arrived. I bought her in November and for the last few months have been anxiously waiting for her arrival. I was petrified going into the fitting. Would it fit? Would I still love it? After spending so much time looking at all the gorgeous PW brides I wasn’t sure how I would feel. Dress envy is a crazy thing and REALLY gets into your head when it comes to second guessing pretty much every decision lol


When I put her on I was actually shaking lol everyone made fun of me in the bridal boutique. Oh well, it was SUPER exciting.


So here are my pics from the fitting.

She fit me perfect (minor alterations needed - A couple of inches brought in at the chest and adding the bustle) and she fits like a glove.

AND I am VERY happy to say that I LOVE her more than I did in November.

All the alterations will be done April 29th , sooooo soon!!!! happy happy happy dance!!!!



MY DRESS ♥♥♥ First Fitting ♥♥♥ photo 1MY DRESS ♥♥♥ First Fitting ♥♥♥ photo 2MY DRESS ♥♥♥ First Fitting ♥♥♥ photo 3


MY DRESS ♥♥♥ First Fitting ♥♥♥ photo 4MY DRESS ♥♥♥ First Fitting ♥♥♥ photo 5MY DRESS ♥♥♥ First Fitting ♥♥♥ photo 6MY DRESS ♥♥♥ First Fitting ♥♥♥ photo 7MY DRESS ♥♥♥ First Fitting ♥♥♥ photo 8MY DRESS ♥♥♥ First Fitting ♥♥♥ photo 9MY DRESS ♥♥♥ First Fitting ♥♥♥ photo 10MY DRESS ♥♥♥ First Fitting ♥♥♥ photo 11


Gratuitous shoe shot lol

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We went yesterday and picked out the tuxedos for the wedding party. There all going to look so handsome.

FI and the boys will be in Calvin Klein with an ivory vest and tie (excelpt my youngest as he INSISTEd that he get to wear a BOWTIE instead of a tie....he is so cute...and I know it will look adorable on him), the BM, groomsman and my dad will be in the Calvin Klein with Black vest and tie.

There going to look so sharp. Hey have there fittings on the 16th of April, everything is really starting to come together.

and the Handsome men photo 1and the Handsome men photo 2and the Handsome men photo 3and the Handsome men photo 4and the Handsome men photo 5and the Handsome men photo 6