Jul 30, 2011

♥“Love isn't finding someone you can live with; it's finding someone you can't live without” ~ Unknown♥
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Its all about me lol

♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 1♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 2♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 3♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 4♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 5♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 6♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 7♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 8♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 9♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 10♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 11♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 12♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 13♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 14

Me and my Mummy

♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 15♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 16♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 17

Me, my mummy, my tummy mummy and aunt

♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 18

me again lol

♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 19

My mum buttoning my dress

♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 20

Tummy mummy putting on garter #1

♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 21

MOH putting on throw away garter

♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 22

Getting ready to go!!!! almost a MRS!!!

♥ 30 07 2011 PROS Bridal Beauty photo 23

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Navigating my BIO…I have put symbols next to all the headings ….

♥ in the heading are all things relating to ME!!!!

♡ in the heading are PW related

★In the heading are all things that I found as inspiration

☆In the heading are advise or ideas

☼In the heading Plans for my SISTERS wedding!!!! YEAH!!!!



 I am loving meeting new people everyday and getting so many amazing ideas to help make my day the most magical it can be and I hope that I can help others the same way…so follow ME so that I can follow YOU!!!! ♥


         .Friends photo 1

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FINALLY getting round to posting some pics from my sisters gorgeous day. DH and I flew over to Scotland so we could be a part of my sisters wedding (I was her MOH AMAZING).

It was a gorgeous day and everything was perfect. LOTS of work to get there and alot of running around. Dresses that didn’t fit, centerpieces that didn’t work and flowers that didn’t match…but we pulled it together and it was fabulous. It was a “movie theme”. Each table had a movie name rather than a table # and movie director clap boards. It ended up SO nice.

Considering we grew up not knowing each other existed (im adopted for those of you that dont know the story) to me being the maid of honor at her wedding...it was a perfect, amazing, special, emotional and beautiful day that I will NEVER forget and that I was trully blessed to be a part of.

Here are a few pics of the day. Such vibrant and gorgeous colors, men in kilts and a carousel for my sister, brother in law and niece.

I LOVE♥ my sis xxxx

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Im very proud of all my PW accomplishments and excited to get the remaining badges. I ♥ adding to my collection

I LOVE it here!!!!

♥MY PW Badges photo 1A Plus ♥MY PW Badges photo 2 Bio Buff ♥MY PW Badges photo 3Group Guru X94♥MY PW Badges photo 4Hot topicX50

♥MY PW Badges photo 5FOUR 4 FOUR Carat Diva ♥MY PW Badges photo 6Photo Pro ♥MY PW Badges photo 7Socialite

♥MY PW Badges photo 8SuperGroup ♥MY PW Badges photo 9Top Toaster ♥MY PW Badges photo 10Top Poster X22

Author BIO OF THE WEEK!!!!

♥MY PW Badges photo 11MARRIED!!!! My favorite badge!!!!


Author - 5 Articles to go

Star Reviewer - Hoping to get this one, but not many canadian vendors yet...one day

Bio of the Week - i'll keep on buffin and prettifying her.... I'M WORKING HARD FOR THIS ONE!!!!

and the coveted Hostess.....Hopefully one day i'll have a pink heart of my own

****UPDATE 04.05.2012****

The Hostess badge is MINE!!!!!

 Sparkling Pink Heart pics   Proof that wanting something bad enough wins in the end!!! SO HAPPY!!!♥

****UPDATE March 2013****

BOTW baby!!!!!

YEAH!!!!!  So happy and honored to have been chosen. Again lots of hard work putting it together and hoping to be chosen. Im so excited and happy. Work on those bios ladies!!!!

Update -

IO got BLOG OF THE WEEK!!! oh yeah!!!  Its an honour to be chosen once but to be chosen twice OMG!!!  Amazing!!! ♥♥♥


NEW BADGE for the kick ass bio blitz January 2012. I ♥♥♥it lol




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♥Bridal Party Extraordinaire photo 1♥Bridal Party Extraordinaire photo 2♥Bridal Party Extraordinaire photo 3

MOH - Gemma

My maid of honor was my sister. She is 2 years younger than me. She is an amazing person. We have the typical sibling rivalry at times but she is my little sister and I love her so much.  I am so proud of her and I was so happy to have her up there with me.

 ♥Bridal Party Extraordinaire photo 4

Bridesmaid - Abi

My bridesmaid was my VERY best friend in the whole world. We have been friends for 20 years. She is my rock.

 ♥Bridal Party Extraordinaire photo 5

Junior bridesmaid - Breanna

Miss Breanna is the daughter of one of my closest friends Brenda.

 Flower girl - Naomi (AKA Nemo)

The youngest daughter of Brenda and sister to Breanna

♥Bridal Party Extraordinaire photo 6♥Bridal Party Extraordinaire photo 7


Best Man – John Groomsman – Chris

They have been friends with Mike since they were kids (Way before I was born LMAO)

 ♥Bridal Party Extraordinaire photo 8

 Mini Grooms –Aidan and Kieran

Aidan and Kieran are my babies. They are my whole world and we are SO lucky to have found Mike to join our little party of 3. He loves them as if they were his own and it means so much to me. They were my mini grooms because they with Mike complete me.

 ♥Bridal Party Extraordinaire photo 9♥Bridal Party Extraordinaire photo 10

Officiant – Mish

We didn’t want to have a church ceremony and didn’t really want it done by a justice of the peace. We joked around about having Mish ordained like Joey on friends to do the ceremony, then realized that it wasn’t all that funny and would eb kind of perfect. Once she realized it wasn’t a joke she was petrified but agreed anyway lol

She has known Mike forever and we became friend’s years before Mike and I ever got together. She is also the god mother of my eldest son. So she was the perfect person to unite our family.

♥Bridal Party Extraordinaire photo 11



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So... this is an all new experience. I have never been a “blogger”. I’m a big facebooker and communicator but I never really thought that I would have a reason or need for a blog. I’m actually excited to get this going. My little wedding countdown journal. I’m hoping to get used to it soon. I’ll hopefully start posting some pics and some of my ideas and get the opinions of my fellow bloggers and future brides.

Wish me luck

<3 Lx

::::Edit:::: Aufgust 1st 2013~


Well that’s me happily married for  TWO YEARS  (and 2 days but who’s counting lol) and a very proud PW veteran (and HOSTESS) . I LOVE it here and can honestly say that the friends I have made, the inspiration and community has helped me SO much. Not only with my wedding planning but with the day to day things as well. Whenever I need a virtual shoulder to cry on I know that I have a ton ready and available for me here.

Thank you to all of you for being there for me and I hope that I have been just as available to you all.


For the newbie’s….enjoy everything about planning your wedding. Use PW and all of us to your FULL advantage and treasure the connections you make here as you lead up to the day that you marry your soul mate.


From a non blogger who didn’t think I would stick around to someone that you are NEVER getting rid of….consider me a humbled convert lol


♥LOVE ♥ you all xoxox