Nov 01, 2007

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   The title defaulted to "new page", but truly, its rather fitting...

   My husband and I recently celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary... We have been together for 7 years. We were high school sweethearts... But through the years we have been through a lot, and I finally feel comfortable in saying that we may actually get through it as a stronger couple than we started out. To celebrate our... well I dont know what you would call it... Our ability to endure the hard times, I want to hold a vow renewal and reception. I created this page as a place to compile all my ideas. Our wedding was far from traditional, as we are far from traditional, but it was almost everything I wanted. But there were a lot of little dramas that went on and things that were left out due to time constraints, and I would like to not only renew our vows to show our new commitment, but to redo the ceremony as it should have been done in the first place.

   We actually had two weddings to suffice all our guests, as there were some that did not want to attend the actual ceremony, lol. The first and official wedding, took place after midnight on Halloween night (so Nov 1st) in the rose pergola at a cemetery. It was very cold, but it was very pretty. For those that didnt want to attend the obviously unique ceremony, we also had one the following weekend at the Lake in a stone gazebo. Our theme was gothic renaissance, my husband carried a sword and our groomsmen wore kilts and the bridesmaids wore corsets lol. Everything about the wedding itself was great, but we had guests show up in sweatpants and hoodies, my mother-in-law had volunteered to make our outfits (as she has made clothing for medieval reenactments for years) and thought she could do so in only 9 days, so they were not of a good quality. The best man and maid of honor had rented a beautiful candelabra which my mother-in-law was supposed to organize the pick up of, and she told no one about it. The original maid-of-honor decided only 3 weeks before the wedding that she had other things to do so we had to find a stand who didnt have a dress so we found a halloween costume that fit in as best as possible. Our preacher was late to the second one because he got held up at work. A family members phone rang during the ceremony. And amongst dealing with all that, we forgot a stereo, so we had no first dance or reception. Just a dinner (which was great) and a toast.

   So this time, I will be sure to spend more than 8 months planning, remember to not rely on those who will not be able to follow through, and to be sure to include the dress code on the invitations. Lessons learned. Lol. The specifics are still up in the air at this point... Again, just kinda brainstorming ideas for now.

   I would like to have a masquerade themed reception, with masks a requirement as well as semi-formal attire. No jeans, no sweats, no hoodies, no tennis shoes, etc. I would like to stick with our original colors of Black and red, but that too could change. Im thinking of maybe finding a compromising style somewhere between our original Gothic Renaissance and Victorian...  Slightly more fancy than what it was originally. I would like to be able to rent a little more appropriate venue and have an actual wedding cake rather than a sheet cake. I will add more details as they come to me...