Jul 30, 2011

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First things first, the dress. I have been looking around for dresses, like most of you, since I was in undergrad. Going to different bridal shows with all my friends who were getting married and never really saw one that was me. Finally, I flipped through a magazine and saw it. White House Black Market -The Katharine Bridal Gown- it certainly is me.

Attire photo 1

I love it because it slick and yet reminds me of something from the late 50's and 60's (Art Deco). It has a split on the from right leg of which I will be having closed. The color is Ecru, which looks pearly white in person. It has a soft sheen to it and compliments my dark cholocate skin perfectly. I LOVE THIS DRESS! I will be adding a fascinator to the middle.

Like many brides, my FI is only about an inch or two taller than me, but don't tell him that, so I am in between high heels or flats. After all it is in a garden. I guess I will figure it out when the times comes. Anyway here are the heels. Badgley Missvchka. I am thinking of having them dyed a slate grey, one of my colors. We will see.

Badgley Mischka-badgley mischka hyde

I have not chosen an alternate for flats yet because I am really not liking the idea, I am a high heels girl by nature.


I am intreged by the 50's and 60's were women were classy and elegant. So that theme will resignate throughout the entire wedding. I am going with the soft finger waves and a small bun in the back. Here is one of the inspiration picks.

Attire photo 2

I love the strength of her makeup but to put my own twist on it I am going with a bright red and yes heavy black eyes. Not the smokely look though just heavy liner. And, it that look is.

Summer Weddings - Celeb Hair

I figure because the eyes are not so heavy I can get away with the bright red lips.

And, last but certainly not least the veil. I am going with a bird cage veil. I have already purchased my fascinator and the french netting. I have not put it together because I am working on adding something else to it.

I have not relaly narrowed down my flowers but when I do I will let you know.

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